31a. Mermaidman and Barnacleboy III


take back the falls

This is my favorite MM&BB episode. The wallet bit was funny, HAHAHA! I find it interesting too because Spongebob and Patrick teach the evil Man Ray how to be good. :magician:


I think it's strange how it's an MM&BB episode despite the fact that those two are only in it for about 1 minute. :p


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Great episode. We really get to see a lot from ManRay in this one, which I like because he's pretty hilarious in this episode. Sort of a random plot with the whole "tickle belt" idea, but it was what made it all funny.
The part with the wallet is the best.


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I love this episode! I love that part when Patrick kept on saying that the wallet wasn't his (even though it was) and Man Ray got really frustrated. Also, the number between 100 part was funny. :lol:


take back the falls
"Oh, you butter-fingered pink thing! What was in that box anyhow?! ^_~ "
"My wallets. :umm: "
"Aaargh! [grabs Patrick's head]"
"Oh, Spongebob, tickle him!"
[Spongebob presses the button to activate tickle belt]
[Man Ray starts to laugh and slam Patrick onto the ground back and forth]
"That tickles but it's worth it! [continues to slam Patrick]"

Sometimes I like it when Patrick gets angry... :lol:

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I love this episode! The goodness lessons, especially the wallet scene, are the funniest parts. I agree that it is strange that it is a MM&BB episode as they are only in it for like a minute. I would give it a 9.7/10.


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I agree that it is strange that it is a MM&BB episode as they are only in it for like a minute.
Yeah, same way with MM&BB IV, (shrink ray one) Back then, any episode that had anything to do with them was called MM&BB.

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I don't like that they stopped calling them MM&BB. Like, Mermaid Man vs. Sponge, should've been MM&BB 7. You know? Same with "Back to the past" & "Bad guy club for villians"
[/Unfair Judgmental Post-movie criticism]


Best part of the episode :p....

SpongeBob: We did it, just like the real Mermaidman and Barnacleboy! We saved the day! Isn't it incredible, Patrick?
Patrick: (still confused) Uuuuuhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg........................
SpongeBob: Patrick? You know that thing's turned off, right? Patrick? Woo-oo! Patrick?

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Excuse me sir, but I do believed you dropped you're wallet.
Doesn't look too familiar to me.
What? But I saw you dropped it. Here.
Nope. It's not mine.
It is yours. I'm tryng to be a good person and returned it to you.
Returned what? to who?
:facepalm: Are you, Mr., Patrick Star
And this is you're ID
I found this ID, in this wallet, so in that case this must be, you're wallet!
Makes sense to me.
Then take it.
It's not my wallet!

(The rest is history)


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This episode is so awesome. I love the fact that it pretty much all takes place in the Merma-Layer, a setting that isn't used much. 10/10, because it's just so good and not played often.
An amazing episode. SpongeBob & Patrick being terrible teachers, but I hope all of you were expecting that. :weehammer: The wallet gag was perfect genius, and I loved the Tickle Belt gag! Ummmmm, 62?

10/10 :1st:
Much better improvement than the second and first ones. :)

Much better improvement than the second and first ones. :)


This is a pretty good episode for how bad a plot this is. There is quite a few hilarious jokes, though.