3 MORE Fanmade SpongeBob Shorts!!


Squid's on a Bus
Nov 4, 2020
The Tidal Zone
Finally, 3 more SpongeBob shorts made by me, nearly 3 months after the last edition! I feel like these are better than the first ones, and longer as well. In these shorts, Sam Star sees a poster for the Patrick Star Show, Plankton tries to open the Krabby Patty formula bottle, and SpongeBob dreams of getting his license. There are a lot of fourth wall breaks and references to classic episodes in some of these shorts, so check them out! :sbyes:

4. Sam Star vs. The Patrick Star Show
with Sam Star

[Sam Star is walking through Bikini Bottom]
Sam Star: Sister Sam wants fun today!
[Sam Star eats her way through a building, slices a bush to look like herself, and squishes Plankton, who is walking down the street]
Sam Star: Haha! Sister Sam likes being unlikeable character!
[Sam Star suddenly sees a poster for the Patrick Star Show]
Sam Star: That's me brother! Sister Sam wants to see him!
[Sam Star stomps her way through the city, squashing a man's car]
Fish: Hey! Watch where you're going, you obese starfish!
Plankton (squished, on the ground): Yeah! This is why people hate you!
[The Nick executives are thinking of making another SpongeBob spinoff]
Man #1: Hmm, making a spinoff for Mr. Krabs and Plankton would be a good idea. After all, Hillenburg is dead now, so he won't be able to see this!
Man #2: Great. Let's make it CGI too! And make Mr. Krabs and Plankton babies! We haven't done a baby show yet!
[Sister Sam smashes the walls through the building]
Man #1: A MONSTER! Come on, monster, at least use the door!
[Sister Sam holds the poster of The Patrick Star Show]
Man #1: Oh, you're not a monster. You're Patrick's sister.
Sam Star: Can Sister Sam be part of show?
Man #2: Unfortunately, no. Patrick's parents are different for this show, and she already has a sister, Squidina. I'm sorry, but you applied too late. Besides, you only appeared in one episode, and Squidina appeared in several.
Sam Star: You mean I'm inferior to a squid not related to Brother Pat? SISTER SAM MAD!
[Sam Star begins destroying the place, swallowing a table and slurping TV wires like noodles]
Man #1: Wait. You're a starfish, so how can you breathe on land?
Sam Star: Sister Sam can't breathe on land! Oh no…
[Sam Star suffocates and is sent to the hospital]
Man #2: Whoa, what just happened? A giant pink thing came into here and destroyed the place!
Man #1: Don't worry, nothing happened. Let's get back to discussing that Krabs and Plankton spinoff!
Man #2: Yeah! That's great!

5. Plankton and the Bottle
with Plankton

[Everything is normal at the Krusty Krab until a giant explosion happens, and a giant robot walks out of the roof]
Plankton (in the robot): MUAHAHAHAHA-- *chokes on spit*
[Plankton sprays water into his mouth]
Plankton: As I was saying, MUAHAHAHAHAHA! I've finally got the formula, Krabs, using my giant robot! And you can't stop me!
Mr. Krabs: No! You can't win, and you won't! You're the villain, and villains never win!
Plankton: Not until now!
[Plankton's robot picks up the Krusty Krab sign and begins whacking Krab's behind with it]
Plankton: See you later, Krabs!
[Plankton arrives at the Chum Bucket]
Plankton: Finally! The formula is mine! And all that stops me is this cork! Fortunately, my robot can destroy it in 100 methods! Check it out, viewers, method 13!
[Plankton presses the "13" button and a giant fist extends out of Plankton's robot and begins pounding the formula bottle, but it doesn't break]
Plankton: Hey! How come that bottle didn't smash into pieces? Whatever, here's method 68!
[Plankton presses the "68" button and a train track extends out of the robot, and a toy train runs into the bottle. The formula, however, still doesn't break]
Plankton: WHAT? What is this bottle made of? Come on, break already!
[Plankton gets impatient and marches up to the bottle]
Plankton: Alright, you stupid bottle! Open sesame!
[The cork does not come off]
Plankton: GRRR!
[Plankton bites the bottle cork but it doesn't come off, and Plankton's dentures come out]
Plankton: Sorry, viewers, I do have dentures. Holographic meatloaf makes your teeth fall out if you eat too much. Anyway, come out, cork!
[Plankton kicks the cork, but he is unaware his robot is tipping over behind him]
Plankton: Huh?
[Plankton looks behind him, and the robot squashes him]
Plankton: OW!
SpongeBob (watching from the Krusty Krab, to Mr. Krabs): Hey, how come the bottle never broke? It's made of glass! It should've broken!
Mr. Krabs (laughing): SpongeBob me boy, like I said, he's the villain, and villains never win!

6. Dreamer's License
with SpongeBob and Mrs. Puff

[It is another day at Mrs. Puff's boating school]
SpongeBob (drowsily): Aw come on, I'm so tired!
[SpongeBob yawns]
SpongeBob: I had to work until 3:00 am at the Krusty Krab last night, because Squidward told me about some trash ringing smasher guy that I was scared about! Mrs. Puff, how long does this class end?
[SpongeBob yawns again, and the fish sitting next to him rolls her eyes]
Mrs. Puff: SpongeBob, focus! This class doesn't end in 1 hour. Now, SpongeBob, since I have your attention, explain to me how to navigate a circle.
SpongeBob (even more drowsily) : Well… you… turn on your little arrow thing, and then drive onto the circle, and spin around like a washing machine, whee, until you see your exit, and then rotate your wheel thingy to exit the circle!
Mrs. Puff: SpongeBob, that answer is... correct!
SpongeBob: Correct? Mrs. Puff, are you-
Mrs. Puff: SpongeBob, you get your driver's license!
SpongeBob (suddenly waking up): Wait, I do? Just because of this one question? So after 21 years of trying, I finally get my license?
Mrs. Puff: You do! SpongeBob, you are a genius! You are the best student I have ever had! Here, come up to the front, and I now shall give you the most golden piece of paper a driving instructor can ever behold, your license!
[SpongeBob zooms up to the front and snatches the license out of Mrs. Puff's hands]
SpongeBob: Whoa, my license!
[SpongeBob licks it]
SpongeBob: And it even tastes genuine! Thank you Mrs. Puff!
Mrs. Puff: No problem! You deserve it!
SpongeBob: This is the best day of my life!
[SpongeBob jumps up into the air]

[SpongeBob is stuck on the ceiling and falls back down to his seat]
SpongeBob (waking up): Huh? Hey, I just fell asleep! And I just dreamed I got my license!
Mrs. Puff: You got your license? I'm surprised you can dream about that, because you are the worst student I've ever had!

Thanks for reading!

The original 3 shorts: https://www.sbmania.net/forums/threads/3-fanmade-spongebob-shorts.63682/
(P.S.) And remember, holographic meatloaf makes people's teeth fall out, so don't attempt to eat it. :planktongulp:


Does this look unsure to you?
Apr 4, 2016
awesome! i love Sam Star's story! very funny she's really pissed off that they replaced a child squid as Patrick's little sister! lol instead of Sam who happened to be Patrick's big sister. at least, Plankton make a cameo!!