3 Fanmade SpongeBob Shorts


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Nov 4, 2020
A pineapple under the sea
Today...I got bored and thought it would be a good idea to make some SpongeBob shorts! I tried to make them feel realistic, like they are actual SpongeBob shorts produced by the crew. You can tell me your opinions on it below! :sbpopcorn:

1. Many Krabby Patties

[SpongeBob is at the Krusty Krab during a work day]
[A customer walks into the Krusty Krab]
Squidward: May I take your [yawn] order?
Customer: Yeah! I'll have a-
[Mr. Krabs randomly falls down onto Squidward's head, crushing Squidward]
Mr. Krabs: Don't just have a regular ol' Krabby Patty! Today is the Krusty Krab's anniversary, so we've created multiple different types of patties!
Customer: Oh...ok. I'll have a-
Mr. Krabs: (interrupting) Try this one! [holds up a 2D Krabby Patty] It's a Flatty Patty!
Customer: Hey, but that has less meat than a normal Krabby Patty! It's two-dimensional!
Mr. Krabs: Don't like it? Try this one! [holds up a Krabby Patty covered in grass] It's the Grassy Patty! Fresh grass from the mysterious world above water!
Customer: Grass from above water? Isn't that toxic?
Mr. Krabs: Alright, you barnacle, how about this Krabby Patty? [holds up a Krabby Patty made entirely of meat] It's a Patty Patty!
Customer: Can you just stop already?
Mr. Krabs: No! How about the Slabby Patty? Blabby Patty? Or the Shabby Patty? Or even the Crabby Patty?
[Mr. Krabs holds up multiple burgers in front of the customer]
Customer: STOP IT! I just want a NORMAL KRABBY PATTY!
Mr. Krabs (tiredly): Fine, you barnacle. SpongeBob, create another Krabby Patty.
[Mr. Krabs walks off Squidward's head sadly]
Squidward: I told you this won't work, you crustacean brain.

2. The Treasure Hunters

[SpongeBob and Patrick are running towards Goo Lagoon]
Patrick: I can't wait to go the beach! We can surf, sing about ripped pants, and play with the small plastic disc that you throw!
[SpongeBob laughs]
[Squidward, who is relaxing on the beach, sees SpongeBob and Patrick]
Squidward: Oh no...I couldn't let those two barnacle brains ruin my beach day!
[Patrick sees Squidward trying to hide himself]
Patrick (to SpongeBob): Wey wook, it's Widward! He wants to play with us!
[Squidward panics and runs away]
Patrick: Aw, I guess Squidward doesn't want to play with us. Hmph.
[Suddenly, a paper flies into Patrick's face, knocking him over backwards]
Patrick (with the paper stuck into his face): Help! This piece of paper is attacking me!
[SpongeBob sees Patrick]
SpongeBob: Patrick! No!
[SpongeBob pulls the paper off Patrick's face]
Patrick: Phew! For one moment I thought I was-
SpongeBob (interrupting): PATRICK! LOOK!
Patrick: Huh?
SpongeBob: The paper that flew into your face wasn't a normal paper, it's a TREASURE MAP!
Patrick: A treasure map? Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
[Patrick bounces around happily until he trips and falls over on a plant]
Patrick: Where does the map lead to?
SpongeBob: Hmm...somewhere far. Patrick, we're going to go on an adventure to find some treasure!
Patrick: Yay!
[SpongeBob and Patrick leave Goo Lagoon. They are seen crossing icy waters, kelp jungles, the deep ocean, the Mariana Trench, and finally across spiky coral fields to a giant X]
SpongeBob (tiredly): We...made...it!
[SpongeBob grabs a shovel and digs down, only to find another piece of paper]
SpongeBob (opening the paper): Huh? Another treasure map?
Patrick: We went this far just to find another map?
SpongeBob: Hmm...this map points back home! Patrick, we're going to find this treasure!
Patrick: Oh boy.
[SpongeBob and Patrick cross spiky coral fields, the Mariana Trench, the deep ocean, kelp jungles, icy waters, and finally back to their houses]
SpongeBob: That's strange. This map points to our houses! We couldn't possibly find any treasure here!
Patrick: Really? We went this far and wasted the entire day to find NOTHING! Who could've done all this?
[Back on Goo Lagoon, Squidward smiles and relaxes, revealing that he created the maps and it was a plan to get SpongeBob and Patrick away from him the whole time!]

3. Plankton's Prediction

[Plankton is seen at the Chum Bucket, with another contraption]
Karen: Plankton, what is this thing you built? Let me guess, another one of your "plans" to take over the Krusty Krab?
Plankton: Karen, come on! All of my last plans have been failures, but not this one! I call my machine...the Krusty Destroyer! With one blast, it will blow up the Krusty Krab's safe and that formula will finally be mine! I can even destroy the Krusty Krab altogether while I'm at it!
Karen: Oh brother. It's not gonna work, that crabby Krabs is going to destroy it every time!
Plankton: Stop being a Karen, Karen. I'll prove it to you! I'll consult a fortune teller, and I'll see if he agrees!
[Plankton and Karen go to Fred's Fortunes, where Fred is with a crystal ball]
Fred: Welcome to Fred's Fortunes! How may I help you?
Plankton: Sure, you doofus. I have a plot to destroy the Krusty Krab! Will it work? Do your magic!
Fred: All right.
[Fred stares at his crystal ball]
Fred: Hmm...little green guy, my crystal ball shows that you are not gonna succeed.
Plankton: Oh come on! Try it again.
[Fred stares at his crystal ball again]
Fred: Yep! Same result! And this time, it shows me that something really, really bad is going to happen to--
Plankton: Aw, quit it! I don't need these "professionals", my plan will DEFINITELY work!
[Plankton pushes the crystal ball off the table and onto Fred's leg and walks away]
Fred: MY LEG!
Later, at the Chum Bucket:
Alright Karen, see ya later! Once I'll be back, the formula will be mine!
[Plankton takes his Krusty Destroyer to the Krusty Krab]
[more silence]
[even more silence]
[Plankton immediately comes flying back, with his antennas on fire]
Plankton (in the air): AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!
[Plankton crashes into Karen's screen]
Karen: Let me guess, your plan failed again.
Plankton: Yes...yes it did.
[Plankton falls off Karen's screen and onto the ground as Karen sighs and rolls away.]
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Imitation Krab
Apr 6, 2021
This is cool, but the world will end before somebody gets called a karen in an actual episode of spongebob. My favorite was the second one, but... how did squidward have the time to bury that map so far away when was just scared of seeing spongebob and patrick? Lastly, I really wanna know how plankton's plan failed. I'm guessing Mr. Krabs saw him and put him on the grill with the patties, since he wants to be with one so bad!


Flying Dutchman's Sock
Nov 2, 2020
WOW, they are really good.
"How about the Slabby Patty? Blabby Patty? Or the Shabby Patty? Or even the Crabby Patty?" LOL
I hope you make some more!
You can replace the writers and do a better job XD


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Oct 31, 2020
Love them shorts, Matt! Honestly, my favorite one has to be "Plankton's Prediction" because I usually like those Plankton episodes (except for the fact that they're always predictable and formulaic (get it, "formulaic"?)).