27b. Life of Crime


take back the falls

Patrick's so dumb in this episode, lol.
He should already know that he was the one who ate his own candy bar, and now he accuses Spongebob. xP

"You took my only food, now I'm gonna starve!"

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What I love is how Patrick of all people was the first to realize that a campfire was burning underwater. That was lampshade hanging at its most literal.


take back the falls
What I love is how Patrick of all people was the first to realize that a campfire was burning underwater. That was lampshade hanging at its most literal.
Agreed. LOL.

"Hey, if we're underwater, then how can there be a-"
[fire goes out]

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This episode has always been one of my favorites! It's on TV right now at the time of posting this :lol: It's funniest parts are, in my opinion:
-In the beginning where SpongeBob and Patrick show Mr. Krabs all the stuff he stole
-"I dunno waddaya wanna do today?"
-SpongeBob and Patrick list all the things their gonna do with the balloon
-The balloon pops <img src='http://www.sbmania.net/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='O_o' />
-The pathetic tries to put the balloon together
-..We're not talking about some mailfront scheme or hijacking, WE STOLE A BALLOON!!"
-"Wow, street performers"
-Patrick's rock is randomly behind his back
-"If we're underwater, how can there be a-"
-SB lists all the things they can't see anymore
-"Yeah. Buns and tighs."
-Patrick loosens his tie
-"Okay, we still can't do that."
-"I'm way ahead of you buddy!"
-"Hey, punk"
-The entire Chocolate Bar scene :teef:
- SB and Patrick talk gibberish to the police
-"Okay, time's up. Now get out!"
-"...Yeah, on free balloon day!"
-"Which one of you flatfoots stole my lollipop?"..."I mean it!"
..So yeah basically the entire episode is hilarious :lol: 10/10!


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One of my favorites from Season 2, my all time favorite season. As the guy above me said, just about everything was great about this episode. This great episode was written by Jay Lender, William Reiss, and Sam Henderson (also known for the Magic Whistle and Scene but not Heard). These guys were are their high points!


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This episode is awesome... so many good Patrick quotes
The dialog between SpongeBob and Patrick at night with the candy bars is the best part
The ending is always funny too
8.5/10 great episode


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Funny parts
* The beginning
* SpongeBob and Patrick popping the ballon
* The ending

Funny lines
*"what do you wanna do today?"
* "I guess I'll eat it now"
* "That running was good for you thighs." "yeah fun and thighs."
" "You took my only food... (shot of Patrick's belly) now I'm gonna starve."

Score: 9/10


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This episode is very good. The best part is "And all that running is good for your thighs, right?" "Yeah, bones and thighs." It's kinda funny how SpongeBob and Patrick think they broke the law because they took a balloon. What's even funnier is that it's free balloon day :lol:

Great episode. 9/10
This episode was better than its partner, and it was always just funny. I loved how there was a plot twist at the very end, and of course... the whole Candy Bar montage... it was so funny, I almost forgot about their balloon problem! It's not perfect, though. Patrick was a bit too stupid, despite him being the one to figure out that logic was being defied. :lol:

9.7/10 :thumb1:


I like this episode. There were many hilarious jokes, and a good plot, but it's actually a tiny bit overrated.


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I love this one, it's actually one of few episodes where Patrick's extreme stupidity works well for me. He's hilarious in this episode. In fact, my favorite Patrick quote comes from this episode: "Liar liar, plants for hire!"

And of course there's the candy bar scene, which cracks me up every time.