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258a. Boss for a Day


Baby Clam
Jul 20, 2020
I really liked it for a post-1st movie episode. I actually chuckled naturally at the ways Mr. Krabs got hurt, which I haven't done while watching any of the new episodes for years. SpongeBob actually got mad and snapped instead of being the spineless chucklebox he has been reduced to. The characters actually seemed in character in this episode.


Baby Clam
Jul 26, 2020
Perhaps this is one of the most unoriginal episodes in the history of the series. Seriously, they mixed a whole bunch of episodes into one! "Squid's Day Off", "Gullible Pants", "CopyBob DittoPants"... Wow, how much of everything that we have already learned by heart over the years. But do not forget about the very mediocre jokes that only the youngest viewer will like (naked Patrick =/= funny). Well, of course, this kit includes annoying characters. Starting from Bob himself, ending with stupid visitors.

What was it created for? For whom? What for? Not only does this episode repeat what has already been passed, and does not compensate for this shortcoming with something original or at least funny... I can praise the local animation, but this is not so much a plus for a specific episode as for a season in general.



May 13, 2020
this is basically a rehash of every "something goes wrong while working at the krusty krab" episode under the sun, which isn't nessicarily a bad thing, but it does decrease the episode quality a bit. as it stands, this episode is honestly kinda boring, with a few decent jokes here and there. this episode is far from bad, but it doesn't really do anything to stand out from the rest of them.