256a. SpongeBob in RandomLand

The episode's plot is kind of forgettable and not very funny, but the cool visuals and that weird drug trip part towards the end put this up higher.

Eh Episode (6.5/10)


It was good, I liked Bad Habit better but the Randomland Hula dance and Red Mist squidward (lmao) references were great. Apparently red mist was cut in UK (UK always cuts stuff nowdays smh) also thank Adam for that reference
My favorite part was the Cartoonified version of the image of Red Mist Squidward that has black ink leaking out of his eyes instead of the red stuff. . .

With "Are you happy now" existing, and now This; there is no way that the Spongebob Crew HASN'T noticed that Infamous Spongebob Creepypasta by now. . .
I wonder how many people who don't know the Squidward Suicide Creepypasta will feel about the reference.

With that mention out of the way, I like the episode. There are a lot of funny moments and it simply felt like an exciting episode.
I might get some flak for this, but I think I'd watch this episode over Pizza Delivery (that episode is overrated if you ask me)

Rating: 7 whatever you wants out of 10

Captain Stupid

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I've only seen this episode once so far, but I have enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I was actually looking forward to this episode, since it would be similar to the classic Bob Clampett short Porky in Wackyland from 1938. I was NOT disappointed with the final product.

While I found Squidward mean occasionally in this episode, his overall depiction is decent. SpongeBob was funnier to watch, however. He really enjoyed the environment, much like I did.

Good episode. (8/10)


Me Hoy Minoy
I really enjoyed this episode. It was pretty unique in my opinion! I think it was funny that it was censored
I Loved that Acknowledge of the Red Mist Creepypasta(Which may or may not have been the inspiration behind "Are you happy now") with a Cameo from Red Mist Squidward!!