25 Days of Christmas!


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Hey everyone,

We're having a Christmas event this year, similar to one we had a few years ago. We're hoping it will go a lot better for everything this time around.
We have a lot of great presents in store for everything this year. For the next 25 days, up until Christmas, we will be releasing new content and goodies on the site and forums.

Come back each day to see what's new!

Visit this page on the website to see a list of the daily additions to the website, check up in this topic each day.

I'm happy to announce the Day 1 updates.
-New Christmas skin on the main website
-New Christmas skin on the forums
-Doubloons for posting have been increased for this month

Make sure you come back and check each day for new stuff!



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OMG I am so excited! :)

Gives me more reason to be on here instead of spending time with family. :| Nah jk... maybe.


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- Every forum has been doubled in points.
- Every forum except Fry Cook Games (1 pt), Games (1 pt), and International Discussion (4 pts) are worth 2 pts per post
- Doubloon store prices have been cut.

Happy posting!


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Wait.... now when you say points..... post count or reputation? :confused:

Post count = awesomeness :)

Reputation = decimation ;D



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Thanks for these 25 days!!! :D
SBM is awesome; I'm using the skin right now! Happy holidays! :snowman:


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I LOVE YOU ABNEY! (in a totally non-sexual way :rolleyes: )

Are there extra points per word?