24a. Dying For Pie


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Probably my SECOND favorite episode ever. Aaron Springer did a great job here. Did you guys like this one too?


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You know..we do have an episode discussion forum for these. :)

This is my favorite Squidward episode, haha! He decides to play with Spongebob all day doing all kinds of ridiculous things then at the end, they "explode". XD Yeah, I like it!


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I just made an episode discussion that I can't really believe I was the one made.

The episode is great! It belongs to the "Wet Painters" category in my opinion.


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Spongebob and Squidward doing all of those silly things are so funny. Also, I liked how Squidward cried after Spongebob "died" behind the brick wall because that shows how much of a heart that he had for him. The part when Spongebob and Squidward were yelling is hilarious. :)


I think it's one of the best episodes out there, it shows that Squidward does care for SpongeBob. :)


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Awesome episode
the plot is really good and creative... but of course the ending is what give the episode it's charm and a lot of the laughs
I was also impressed with SpongeBob's sweater of tears

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This is definitely one of my favorites. The entire episode is funny, from beginning to end. I thought Mr. Krabs was great in this too.

"You had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears and you kill him. How are you gonna live with yourself."


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One of my favorites. Here's the plot in a nutshell without the ending: Squidward gets a pie for SpongeBob because he needs a gift. He gives it to him and then he eats it. Squidward later finds out that the pie is actually a bomb, and SpongeBob has a little to live. They then do a number of things together. It's almost time for him to blow up....

This has many funny moments, and the episode never gets old for me. 9/10
This episode was really funny. I used to not get it and judge it by its title. Which of course, had pie in it, so it got a 10/10. :rofl2: But Krabs telling Squidward about SpongeBob, and then figuring Squidward was all drunk and such, writes himself a note to watch out for him. But it was truly heartwarming. Squid hated all of those 'exciting' games written in red, but deep down inside, he really wanted SpongeBob to live. One of my favorites!

10/10 :1st:


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An unusual SB episode it had lots of humor and had a great plot but I am surprised they let bombs in this episode.


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Here's the ending, translated through 3 different languages and back:

SpongeBob: Oh, sunsets on the water are beautiful eh, Squidward?
Squidward: Oh, yes.
SpongeBob: Yeah, this is very good, just the three of us. You, me, (will be displayed on the wall between the two) ... and this is a brick wall that generated between us.
Squidward: Oh, yes. (Giggles)
SpongeBob: Sunsets always remind me of fruit bowls. What do you think, Squidward? (Squidward imagines Paavo explosion)
Squidward: Explosions. I mean, erosion.
SpongeBob: You know, if I were to die now, a sort of fiery explosion was due to the negligence of a friend, well, that would be just fine.
(Tears Squidward. Paavo belching) Wow, looks like something fell in my large intestine. (Smells like perfume) Hi, smells like cherry. Or maybe the grape. Blueberry? (The sun starts to go down) Here it is, the sun! I'm always nice to leave. Five ... You do the rest, buddy.
Squidward: Four ... three ... two ... One ... (It's okay)
SpongeBob: I think we started very early. That the AM start over.
Squidward: Five ... four ... three .... (An explosion is seen behind the wall), two ... (Screams) ooo-one ... Well, at least I was able to make sense of his last hours. I'm a good person. (The second explosion is shown behind the wall, but knocks her down, this time on top of Squidward. Paavo blow some bubbles in the form of pump)
SpongeBob: Squidward Hey, watch this! (Squidward gets up and mumbles) Squidward, who already had a "babbling like an idiot."
Squidward: Why are you still here?
SpongeBob: Well, we've finished the whole list, I thought, to form a new ODA. (With capacity for a book that says "Friends 4 Ever"), I've filled the ideas in this book. We should be able to finish in January.
Squidward: (smacks his book) Forget the Book! I spent all day with you doing all sorts of ridiculous things, because we had to explode!
SpongeBob: Do you want me to explode?
Squidward: Yes! That depends on you, EVOO been waiting.
SpongeBob: Um, well, I, Äôll try. (Screaming) GARY! Stop dessert and you like it! (Laughter) Now, it, AOS your turn.
Squidward: (shouting) that AOS is not what I meant, BARNACLEHEAD YOU!
SpongeBob: Oh, good.
Squidward: No! So I had to exploit million copies.
SpongeBob: Why should I?
Squidward: Because the pie you ate was a bomb.
SpongeBob: What is the cake?
Squidward: I was the one sitting on the counter this morning, I bought the pirates twenty-five U.S. dollars, and I did not hear, AOT know it was a bomb, and ate ... the cake.
SpongeBob: Pie ... cake ... (Remove the cake) Oh, this cake. I kept it in my pocket so we can share. That the AM eat. (Walk forward and travel to the stone) Go. (Pie flying in Squidward's face, making the whole explosion of the atomic bomb)
Squidward: Ow ..........
I love this episode it is funny and Heart-Warming. Squidward being sad that SpongeBob will die was just shocking to me when I first saw this episode. This episode shows that Squidward likes SpongeBob in a way. This episode had lots of funny moments in it. I want to try all the things Squidward and SpongeBob did.
Best Character - Squidward