22b. Bossy Boots

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Nobody ever really talks about this episode! It kind of appeals to young girls a little more than other episodes, in a way. It has an interesting premise but is definitley not one of the best episodes of season two but is often overshadowed by its sister episode, "Something Smells" which is personally one of my favorite episodes. Discuss this episode here!


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Pearl bugged me in this episode. In fact, every episode that centers around Pearl bugs me lol. She's one of my least favorite characters. >.>


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This episode is underrated for a reason. The plot is pretty stupid and it's just not that funny. 3/10



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I definitely like this one more than most people. Just the fact that SpongeBob went along with everything while looking like a fool was all cool. 2 sal-ads and... tea. :D

8.2/10 :D


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This was a great one it was cool to see Pearl as the main character in this episode!



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I really didn't like this episode. The funny part really was the beginning. Everything else was slow and lackluster. 3.1/10



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This is like the Neptune's Spatula of Season 2. A forgettable episode where everything is just meh.


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One of the most forgettable pre-movie episodes. A few things were funny, and Squidward was great, but the episode doesn't have much going for it besides that.


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Season: 2

Episode: Bossy Boots

This episode was pretty good. Not my favorite, but it had some pretty good jokes. I liked Pearl in this episode. 7/10

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This episode wasn't that hilarious, though it was still somewhat fun to watch. Overall, a 5/10.