227b. Old Man Patrick

We don't know what the plot is gonna be maybe Old Man Logan parody. I'm not a huge fan of most of Patrick's episodes in the new era but I hope this will be at least interesting.


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Solid episode.

Omg, Honolulu March, On the Beach, and most importantly, friggin Marching to Honolulu (a track that hasn't been heard on the show since S7) returns!
Ehhhhhhhhhh I wasn't a big fan of this episode, one of the weaker Season 11 ones so far. Wasn't very funny or a very good plot or anything, just really ehhhhhhhhhhh with the typically good visuals. And HOLY CRAP SPONGEBOB ACKNOWLEDGED THE THEME SONG WHAT

And also, The APM tracks were weird this time, it felt like the older APM tracks were played instead of the newer ones. I wonder if they did that because it was an old person-themed episode :sbfunny: Note that I'm not considering this a bad thing at all though, I actually really liked that they did this, it was a nice mix-up for this one episode.

Out of curiosity, which writer wrote this? I forgot to check before the episode aired.


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I really liked the episode. The running gags were pretty good too and SpongeBob did a reference to the theme song. 9.5/10


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LARRY22 said:
Solid episode.

Omg, Honolulu March, On the Beach, and most importantly, friggin Marching to Honolulu (a track that hasn't been heard on the show since S7) returns!
And Moloka'i Nui A towards the end.


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LARRY22 said:
Omg, Honolulu March, On the Beach
You know they played frequently during seasons 9-10, right? It hasn't been very long since they last played, why celebrate it?


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You know, I actually enjoyed this episode aside from few moments. Patrick wasn't annoying, many gags worked, plot wasn't bad and there wasn't wacky-over-the-topness like in Pat the Horse.
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I was worried this was going to be another Pat the Horse, but it was actually quite solid. I liked the Marco gag, as well as SpongeBob visioning the birth of Marco, but actually being Polo. I also liked the gag with the child and his mother. SpongeBob singing his own theme song was funny too. However the plot itself was eh. Not really too much happening. SpongeBob becoming old makes no sense at all. He was a lot less funny compared to how he was in Goo Goo Gas. Patrick wasn’t too bad though. I was going to call it Meh, but the gags raise it to a low Good.

Rating: Good
Also old APMs man. Just great!

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I forgot to see this episode yesterday since I was doing some school work stuff but looking at other people's thoughts about the episode, I'm now hyped to watching it


I plan to watch this episode later when it comes online, it looks pretty good.

Judging by the screencaps I've seen in the promos, this episode is kinda like the Loud House episode "The Old and the Restless" minus the restrictive nurse (in that episode Lincoln took his Pop-Pop out for a day to remember; in this episode SpongeBob takes old man Patrick out for his day to remember). That Loud House episode was a bad episode (boring because of no 10 Loud sisters, but the nurse's behavior made me drop it down from a poor to a bad rating). I hope this SpongeBob episode is better than that Loud House episode, and is good as people think it is (I predict it will be as good as people are thinking it is).

I've heard that old locations from previous episodes are returning in this episode, so I look forward to that too.
I was not a fan of this for sure. I loved some of jokes like a kid fish flying to the sky, SpongeBob singing the theme song and the ending but the rest felt boring with typical old people jokes. Patrick was much better here than his appearence in Drive Happy but this prooved again that Patrick can't carry his own episode. Thankfully SpongeBob was in this episode with enough screentime but that doesn't make up for medicority. Nothing else to say much, a tame episode but not something I'm gonna remember.

Grade: C+


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Oh goodness, this episode is so boring.

How can you mess up an episode centering around the elderly, there are tons, countless amounts of opportunities for jokes at elders' expense? So I was afraid that this episode was going to be terrible, as the title card sounded terrible, and...it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I'll get this off my chest, it's definitely not a good episode, but it definitely restrains itself from being as atrocious as it could've been.

The plot is very original, which I guess is the highlight of the episode. But even then, the plot isn't even that entertaining, it mostly centers around different scenarios the elderly are placed into, in order to regain a childhood spirit. Heck, the way I described it sounds better than the way this episode was executed! The premise of the episode in which Patrick just ages...out of nowhere...

Okay, there is a clever way Patrick ages in this episode (He's been in the pool so long, he becomes extremely wrinkly), but...this episode...is so confusing with how this age thing works. Patrick is full of energy, and is only physically wrinkly up until he starts doing elderly things. The whole reason he joined the elderly group is because of icecream, he eats the icecream, gets a brain freeze. Does this ruin his memory, and makes him think he's an actual old man? No! He seems perfectly fine afterwards! When his brain catches on fire and he eats it ("Funny" visual humor), without a brain to supply him with memory, does he automatically assume he's an elderly man? No! He gets wrapped up in old people activities because plot says so, and doesn't recognize SpongeBob.

Okay, so it's a gradual progression into Patrick's brainwashing, I can respect tha-He recognizes SpongeBob a handful of seconds after not recognizing SpongeBob. So...how does that work? How is Patrick brainwashed, yet easily phased back into knowing who he is? And even then, if he was so full of life in one scene, why did he become all sluggish all of a sudden. I do have a pretty clear idea of what this episode is trying to get at, Patrick becomes so engaged in these activities, he essentially loses track of who he is. But the episode does a pretty sloppy effort at trying to make it clear to the casual audience member. Okay, so we know how Patrick ages, through being soaked in water for his physical aging, and through his gradual shift into the elder state-of-mind through participating in "fun" activities at the Shady Shoals. But how does SpongeBob turn into an elder out of nowhere!? He runs into a ball pit, and saves Patrick from drowning, okay...

But when he comes out, he turns into an old man! Is it a disease!? SpongeBob doesn't even do elderly things like Patrick does, he just out of nowhere becomes physically frail to benefit the plot! And instantly in the following scene, he has the power to revert back to normal. There was at least a creative way for Patrick to de-age, but SpongeBob, we don't even see any steam pour out of his pores when Patrick puts a blanket over him. It just doesn't make sense, how does SpongeBob age and de-age at will? It's only present to progress the plot, yet it's so forced in!

As for the comedy, this episode has humor as stale as the elderly fish that appear in this episode! Most of your jokes are run-of-the-mill, forgettable visual gags that're only appealing for maybe a second or two, but the absolute WORST part of the episode is the "Marco" running gag. It's so painfully corny, a literal joke that would only make those 3 and under laugh their brains out. I actually really enjoy the Marco character. I think his voice actor did an amazing job voicing him, putting lots of expression and emotion into his performance making him an entertaining and enjoyable character. But the joke he's attached to is just awful. There are a few really funny jokes in this episode, particularly the gruesome closeups of some of the elderly fish, and Patrick's "fun" activities as an old person that're demonstrated to SpongeBob were pretty amusing. Overall, this episode has some hit-or-miss.

As for the rest of the characters, well, they're not really that bad. Patrick and SpongeBob are alright, I guess. Patrick is fairly annoying at the beginning of this episode, but he really mellows out once he drags on as an elder. Really, they're tolerable when their actions aren't being damaged by this episode's plot holes.

Overall, it's a Bad Episode. I give it a 4/10

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
I wonder if they made Patrick's Coupon and Pat the Horse as bad as possible so that this episode would be better by comparison.

Jokes aside this was a boring episode with dumb jokes and a plot that makes too little sense, even for SpongeBob.