222b. Teacher's Pests


Apr 21, 2018
Mall of America, Minnesota
Coffee_lover said:
From all S11 episodes,this one is big mystery for me,why a lot of people love this episode so much?I mean,I’m also really like this one,but it’s not even close to be best-of-the-best.Even people who dislike zaniness in this season loved it(Come on,I’m never believed that Honest Slug give it 9/10),in fact,S11 have episodes that mixed fair wackiness and storytelling much better than this one
I mean, I come to the show for a laugh. This episode make me laugh like I used to watching pre movie for the first couple times. Is it a bit overrated? Ehh, Mimic Madness had more praise than this tbf. Wackiness and slapstick work here because they vary the jokes enough for it to not be predictable, annoying, and boring.