221a. No Pictures, Please


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Synopsis: Patrick leads an enthusiastic stranger on a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom.
Don't post anything until this episode is released.


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So uhh this was, well odd. This episode started off good but went downhill later. Also, sandy gets a cool cameo. The ending was odd and the you bring the color contest was unfair. The reason why it was unfair because not everyone got to do a title card. You had the buy yogurt or gummy patties to get it. Over all, I give it a 8/10 GOOD episode. Also I forgot the "Amazing!" thing the fish kept saying.

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Really enjoyed this episode. I think the premise was a really creative way to frame what are essentially a bunch of set pieces around Bikini Bottom. There's some genuinely great gags in this episode, and some extremely fluid animation to top it off.
The ending was certainly....something, though. I liked The Twilight Zone reference, but it didn't seem like the crew really knew how to end the episode.


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I actually had fun with this one. Not much to say, other than it was pretty entertaining. The tourist was kind of annoying, I guess. But the visuals were nice. The door slamming gag was the best part of the episode IMO


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So that was an episode. It contains a strange Twilight Zone reference in the beginning and ending, making the episode pretty random at times. But with Mr. Lawrence writing this, it reached my expectations. I thought it was going to be a very bland here, but he did proved me wrong, thankfully, knowing that he's one of the better writers right now. My only flaws was the beginning was a little hyperactive and few scenes felt flat. Patrick and the tourist had their annoying moments, but thankfully they both kind of got called out for their distraction all over Bikini Bottom. Also, Both SpongeBob and The Loud House really have a thing for picture episodes, huh? They already have a few episodes focusing on this subject. Anyway, there's some amusing here such as the fish struggling to hold himself from peeing, the visual gag of Squidward seeing red while kicking out Patrick and the tourist (him turning red in anger might be a fitting moment for You Bring the Color. Am i right with the pun I made there?), the tourist literally disappearing and a few more. I ended up enjoying this episode more than I excepted, honestly, since its humor was strong here and didn't came off forced nonsense last season. All in all, Doug Lawrence is continue to impress me with his writing skills, even if the plot should've been better.


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No Pictures, Please is a pretty odd episode. I have a feeling that this could possibly be another Halloween episode, considering the fact that it parodies The Twilight Zone. However, it could just very well be the writers wanting to go for more surreal concepts that you can only really get away with in cartoons. And for that, I must applaud the writers. They definitely try to have fun with experimenting in these newer episodes, pushing the boundaries and limits in according to what they can write. Often focusing on a character other than SpongeBob or Plankton (Who tend to be the main focus of a good amount of this series' episodes), or changing things up a bit with different scenery. This episode kind of mixes these two elements, along with the inclusion of a new character. But, does the plot really stand out as something original? Actually, it really does. The concept of this episode, Patrick giving a tour of Bikini Bottom is a pretty genius idea, one that's never been done in the series at all. It's kind of cool knowing the staff can still produce an episode filled to the brim with originality, especially since Season 11 plots tend to have at least some element showcased in a previous episode recycled. I think there are only a few episodes in recent time which have mastered showing off an entirely new storyline. Even my favorite episodes in this Season seem to struggle with this. Krabby Patty Creature Feature has a very similar setup and execution to Krusty Dogs (Even a climax which can parallel the climax to Mermaidman vs. SpongeBob). Spot Returns, a very similar layout to Bubble Buddy Returns, Man Ray Returns, quite similar to Shuffleboarding. This episode manages to have a concept that stands out as something unique. However, is the execution all that grand? Well...this is where the episode faces some problems...

You see, I love the overall basic synopsis of this episode. Patrick giving a tour of Bikini Bottom is an opportunity to present some golden material. Unfortunately, somehow this episode just bombs the concept. I don't really care for this new character. His constant "Ooohing and Ahhhing" is a really annoying running gag that is run into the ground faster than you can say Doofenschmirtz Evil Incorporated (One of my favorite cartoon running gags). He has no personality, he's just as soulless as the executives who pulled Welcome to the Wayne off of Nick. The only time we actually see some personality differing from his constant amazement at the sites around him is when he accidentally pulls of RibEye's arm! Sure he's decent during this sequence, as well as during the plot twist, but I really don't like this guy for a majority of the episode. He's just so unpleasant to witness, I get he's a stereotype of a common tourist, but c'mon! Every single joke is just Patrick showing off something stupid, or doing something stupid, followed by this guy's obnoxious "Oooh's". If anything, I'd rather the episode take time to poke fun at annoying tourists, rather than just flat out making the guy a shallow one-dimensional object. I think Spat had more emotion in All That Glitters than this guy had in the first 9 or so minutes of this episode! There are plenty of sequences that could've been cut in order to deliver some time to further establish this guy's character. Get rid of the sequence at Sandy's, the "Not wearing a helmet" gag was old by Season 8. Remove the toilet sequence at the Krusty Krab, it's too similar to The Sewers of Bikini Bottom".

That being said, with this guy being an extra layer to some of the most tame and uninspired jokes in the series, you can tell this episode's sense of humor is extremely messed up. I don't mean that in a cruel sense, I meant that the humor is just botched in this episode. The extra effort into producing a great joke seems lost in a majority of these jokes, they all just feel like the simplest jokes you could possibly make in an animated cartoon. And I know the writers and storyboard artists are capable of producing clever and creative jokes, because they do so a few times in this episode! The sequence in which Squidward kicks Patrick and the tourist out of his house is hilarious! The added layers of creativity onto the simple joke of Squidward slamming the door of his house (Being the parts in which he opens/slams the entire front of his house, and a flower cloud of all things) were super creative and was probably the highlight of the episode. And even better, the hilarious optical allusion twist with SpongeBob appearing as if he's running on the tourist and Patrick was an insanely clever gag that proves to be more entertaining than any of the lines the characters have in this episode. The intelligence in these gags shine, adding a unique twist on a standard joke can take it to a whole other level. If the writers bothered trying to incorporate that special creative edge found in these jokes on just about every major gag in the episode, this could've been one of the funniest episodes in the Season. Alas, it isn't, as the episode mostly relies on cheap lines, some of which don't even make sense, and feel random just for the sake of being random (Like Patrick wanting balloons at the start of the episode. A short little bit that's paced well enough to set up a plot point which establishes the rising action? Yes. A funny joke? Not even close. Why does he want balloons? Because he's stupid? He's not really portrayed as being stupid in this scene aside from that joke...). The worst joke in the episode is probably Patrick sucking SpongeBob's thumb. It's just so pathetically executed, it just screams the bottom barrel of jokes. How could've this scene (Which shouldn't even belong in this episode, seeing that it doesn't have any effect on the overall climax in which the citizens are furious at Patrick) be saved with a special twist? Maybe have Patrick be embarrassed about sucking SpongeBob's thumb, thinking he made a fool of himself, only to turn to see the tourist is sucking his thumb. That would at least bring some sort of comedic twist to the joke that could've made it a simple, chuckle-worthy gag.

So our main character is annoying, great jokes are hard to find, lots of moments tend to have a concept that sounds like a good idea, yet they end up being written in such a generic way that feels as though this is some little kid's show, what good is there in this episode? Well, as I mentioned, there are a few really great gags (One of which is the visual gag with Patrick's bellybutton eating the ice cream cone), and I really admire this episode having an original concept, but probably the most fascinating part of the episode is the last 2 or so minutes. The cemetery sequence was fairly entertaining, I really liked RibEye's design, and I thought he was an interesting character. The chase sequence was animated very well, great cartoony animation, especially Patrick's legs, those felt very reminiscent of some older cartoon, though I can't exactly tell what it is. Oh yeah, one thing I want to mention is that in the beginning of the episode, Patrick really reminds me of Stimpy. His super wacky animation, and the intelligent dialogue he's given is really reminiscent of Stimpy, in fact, he reminds me of Stimpy right up until the point where he shows off the first site in Bikini Bottom.

Anyway, the plot twist was SUPER unexpected. In fact, I completely forgot about the Twilight Zone intro by this point, so having this new character be some sort of supernatural being really caught me off guard, and I have to praise this episode for delivering this plot twist. The episode doesn't make this character seem out-of-the-ordinary at all in this episode, so having this unique plot twist made for a very solid and memorable ending. :sbthumbs:

The only problem I have with this ending is that it's not really explained why this guy disappears, but I guess the introduction to the episode does kind of give some kind of background as to why strange things such as this event occurs. In fact, now that I think about it, I really applaud the writer of this episode for how he introduced the main character, in a way that seems normal on the surface, yet when you analyze this being a little bit more, you start to see a deeper, underlying message conveyed through his introduction in the episode. Everyone runs off the bus, however, this guy shows up out of nowhere about half a minute or so after everyone's in line to head to the bathrooms. The fact that he's alone and came off the bus long after everyone else really does make you think that this could be a subliminal way of foreshadowing this mysterious man not being who you think he is. If this was done intentionally, then whoa...maybe the crew who worked on this episode DID implement more thought into some of these sequences.

Is the deepest I've ever gone in a SpongeBob review? Oh well, I give it a 5/10. Kind of a middle-in-the-road episode. Great animation, some good gags, and a clever plot twist, along with an interesting premise. Generic, awful jokes, annoying dialogue, unnecessary or recycled humor.

It's an Okay Episode.


My least favorite scene was the "butt in the hole" joke. Holes are boring, and putting your butt in a hole was a really obvious and boring joke.
This one was just okay but also kind of disappointed. I wasn't expecting The Twilight Zone twist at all and that end was just amazing af. Too bad rest of the episode played out like your typical SpongeBob episode. It started off with a different tone and I liked how it was going, especially with the background music but the middle part was just so dull with a few exceptional parts like Patrick trespassing some daddy's house and him saying the daddy swore him before. Patrick was also fine for carring this all by himself but it's nothing special. If this episode had been a full parody of The Twilight Zone, this would have been a cool parody but unfortunately It fell into same old stuff we've seen in this show.

​​​​​​​Grade: B-


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This episode wasn't "A-MA-ZING" despite what the tourist said. It was pretty weird, that Twilight Zone feel at the end and beginning was pretty cool and awkward at the same time, but animation and some jokes/gags were alright. I give this episode a B.


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This episode was really something. I really loved the plot of this episode. It was unique, Patrick got the spotlight, and we were treated to an interesting new character. When I first saw this episode, I was kind of lost by the end, but after a rewatch, I realized I completely forgot that was what the episode was going for with "The Tidal Zone" parody. It was a hilarious twist and I didn't understand the relevance at first. It kind of reminds me of the ending of "I Had an Accident". I also really loved the location variety, including old ones and new ones, and there was a lot of funny dialogue and visual humor. One small problem was the running gag with the tourist saying "Amazing" so much, which kind of got old as it went on, but otherwise, nothing here actually bothered me. It gets an 8.5/10. Very good episode!

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I really don't care for this episode. I wish whenever they made a Patrick episode they didn't always pair him up with someone who's also an idiot. The tourist doesn't bounce of Patrick at all and has to spout amazing every 5 seconds. This hampers my enjoyment since most of this episode is just watching Patrick do stupid things which I didn't find funny on their own. I did think the beginning was alright enough with some funny locations like the hole he dug up (Although that was a little tarnished when it turned into a butt joke) but it got stale rather quick and I think it might've worked better as a short episode like its sister. Ending doesn't help anything either. Besides the beginning nothing about the episode screams Twilight Zone and the twist makes no sense and doesn't add anything to the episode. It feels like a cop-out disguised as a parody. Some concepts here are good but the execution is pretty boring.



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This episode was okay, not awesome, but definitely better than its sister episode. I like The Twilight Zone reference, the photographer fish going "Amazing!", and Squidward and SpongeBob doing hilarious gags (Squid slamming his door and window, then his entire house, then one of the leaf clouds, followed by SpongeBob frantically running through rocks shaped like Patrick and the photographer to get to work) every now and then. 7.8/10


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Squidward slamming his door, along with his windows then his entire house, then one of the leaf clouds was funny however It had to start with Patrick and that tourist being creeps breaking into Squidward's house then his bathroom of all things.

One more thing, at the end, did Mr.Krabs make mention of the fact that nobody wanted to see Squidward's well...you know what?
This episode is AMAZING okay. The plot is pretty odd. Also why is Patrick of all people leading this fish around? "The Tidal Zone" thing was pretty weird. Oh, and the twist ending made no sense at all.

1. The Legend Of Boo-Kini Bottom (A+)
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6. Spot Returns (B)
7. Cave Dwelling Sponge (B)
8. The Clam Whisperer (C)
9. No Pictures, Please (C)
10. The Check-Up (D)


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This episode was AMAZING! Highlights include SpongeBob running over the rocks shaped like the tourist and Patrick, the super strong twins, and the Twilight Zone parody.