218b. There's a Sponge in My Soup



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Synopsis: "Mr. Krabs’ new Krabby soup is a hit – until some heat-loving hippies move into the soup vat!"

Well this is... bizarre and original. Looks like it could be a funny episode if handled well.

Discuss it when they decide to pair it with "Spin the Bottle" like they should have.


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Well, the beginning was boring. Just Mr.Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidward trying to get the hippies out of the soup. It gets pretty good from there on. But bring back hippie costumes from a "bad" episode into a- not spoiling it is a good idea. So you can see that it's a GOOD episode. 8.5/10


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I enjoyed this episode, it's not amazing, but it has good atmosphere, in that it takes place in the wintertime, making it very different, and has some good jokes, like SpongeBob acting tough to the soup, Squidward having some decent one-liners, and overall, a solid episode. NOW... I know that there is this one drug trip scene that people aren't a fan of, in fact, there was an entire topic made about it, and of course it caused a lot of drama and hate in the posts, but I have to say, it's not even that bad, it's a short scene that doesn't even last that long. Anyway, I also loved the animation of the Krusty Krab near the end, as far as the very end, it ends with the the hippies ending up in Squidward bathtub, and I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it's only they VERY ending.
Yes the plot of SpongeBob and Mr.Krabs, (Mainly SpongeBob) getting the hippies out of the soup sounds weak, but I think that it was done in creative ways.


Not perfection, but still very good!

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Holy crap this episode was hilarious!!!! Based on the synposis thing and the hate it got for that one scene, I expected it to be be just okay and one of the weakest episodes of the season, but it's quite the opposite, this was hilarious!!!! This is actually one of the best episodes this season!

Great 9.5/10, I might even consider giving this an amazing 10/10 but for now it's 9.5


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Wow...how do I even begin to describe this episode? Seasons 10 and 11 have had a lot of really strange plots, and this is one of the strangest plots I've ever seen! The concept of this episode is entirely original, it is super unique. It's great to have an episode that delivers such a strong and memorable story, but to have a premise that's entirely unique, it's just fantastic! The concept of this episode is so odd, and so weird that it sounds like it would fail on many levels as a pathetic episode. Well guess what? It does completely the opposite! I don't, I don't know how the team managed to make this work, but the plot was executed fantastically. I didn't spy any real pacing problems, the episode jumped right into the plot. I feel as if this episode spent a lot of time focusing on a silly/surreal atmosphere, along with plenty of weird and outlandish jokes. And with the humor portrayed in this episode, that's a step in the right direction.

This is one of the funniest episodes in the Season, no, it probably IS the funniest episode in the Season. The hippies just make this episode, they're hilarious characters. Are they in everyone's way and cause a nuisance? Yes. But, they're hippies! They don't care, all they care about is the freedom to enjoy life in their own peaceful way (Whether that involves soup or not), so I don't really have a problem with their motivation being pretty lame. Besides, they're so much fun to see in action, just their voices alone are sure to make the stupidest lines seem really funny (Like the gravity line). I really applaud whoever did the voices of the Hippies, they did a great job making these characters come to life, and even somehow sound slightly different from a stereotypical cartoon hippie. This episode is filled to the brim with hilarious jokes. Whether I love them ironically, or unironically, I find this to be a really funny episode. The gag with Krabs using long hair to fish the Hippies out, Krabs destroying his claws, Krabs popping his head randomly out of Squdiward's shirt, there are so many jokes that land on point in this episode that I'd probably spend at least a half hour listing them all. There's all kinds of jokes, some subtle humor like Krabs dumping the Soup back in the pot, or some over-the-top jokes that are funny to see like Squidward's house being personified at the end of the episode. The humor in this episode is really golden, and I find it to be the very best SpongeBob has had to offer in the laugh's department all Season.

Aside from the entirely original plot, as well as the hilarious jokes, I really love the dynamic between Krabs and SpongeBob. This episode feels as though it's stripped straight from Chowder, the surreal plot, the way the jokes were presented, and SpongeBob/Krabs' interactions really made this episode feel as though it was written specifically for Chowder. That's not really a bad thing, I'd love to see future episodes take this writing direction (Without copying this entirely, seeing that it's truly a one-of-a-kind episode). Krabs' motivation may be for saving as much money as possible, and while that trope has been dead since around Season 6, I feel as though it's presented in a pretty funny way. His cheapness doesn't really affect anyone else negatively, in fact, they're usually presented as funny gags that shows off how far Krabs is willing to go to save a buck. And they aren't entirely shoved down your throat, I feel as though a lot of these "Krabs is cheap" jokes really come off naturally. The episode focuses more on Krabs' frustration with the hippies, something that's hilarious to watch.

Overall, this episode is a big win. After many greats, finally, I've found an episode in this Season that's an Amazing Episode. I give it a 10/10

This one's a real winner, if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it, it is the funniest episode I've seen all year.

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Great episode. A lot of jokes hit home in this one. I actually liked the hippie characters, and it was pretty cool to see them reuse SB and Pat's hippie outfits from SpongeBob's Last Stand. Animation was great as usual, and almost never a dull moment. I give it a nice and lofty 9/10.

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So nobody is gonna mention that Mr. Krabs said "capitalist fool"? ok.

This one was just whatever man like a hippie. The concept was pretty weird but I didn't care too much about it. Hippies were just uninteresting. I'll say that even though it was a short amount of time, I liked Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob bond. Some gags like lady hippie kissing a husband made me laugh, Patrick's cameo was done well and I'll admit hippies being in Squidward's bathtub was kind of humorous.

This was pretty inoffensive episode and I did enjoy some aspects of it but yeah, not exactly an interesting episode. It was just there.

Grade: C+


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This episode was okay. The plot was definitely strange from the start, and it worked. It was more a chill and slow paced episode. 8.1/10.


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I was just as annoyed by those hippies as Mr.Krabs. Home Invaders is a better name for them, you like your heat so much, go somewhere in the ocean where's always hot and stay out of people's homes and food!


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Another great episode that was worth the wait after a RE-LA-TIVE-ly long delay! I liked the general premise and the funny "hippie" stereotypes. Plus, the episode took place entirely at the Krusty Krab, but has a very strong identity! The hippies were also interesting characters and I liked the little "trippy" sequence of SpongeBob becoming a hippie. The near-ending kind of brought back SpongeHenge vibes, but thankfully I was fooled and the episode had and actual solution! I do think the ending could've been pulled off a bit better, though. But otherwise, the episode was great. 9/10 for me!

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I really got a kick out of this episode and I'd like to see more episodes like it follow suit.

In a similar fashion to The Checkup and Sold! this episode uses a simple yet unique and bizarre premise as a launching point for jokes of which I think are very strong. This episode has to have some of the best jokes I've seen from the show recently and it does so while keeping the characters in character and not relying on non-stop wackiness (Really wish other post-9b episodes did this!!!) and add that along with the interesting visuals and this is one of the better episodes I've seen recently.



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Sorry for the late review (I had them written a week ago)...

Was this episode really the worth the wait after premiering internationally? Honestly, I was kind of disappointed with this episode. Since it's another Krusty Krab episode, you except they'll do something unique. The only fresh idea I see here is the usage of hippie characters. And even then, the hipsters were there to cause mayhem, written as unlikable characters. Some of the jokes worked, but others are either too predictable or just fall flat. The trippy sequences should've been a bit longer, instead of just creating plotholes towards the end. Anyway, this is just a simple review of a season 11 episode, but I won't spoil much of the episode here. All in all, the episode was just middle of the road for me. In order to make season 11 great, less Krusty Krab-focused episodes, ok, writers?


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This episode was... random to say the least. Literally every character in this episode turns into a hippie by the end of it. Even Mr. Krabs, who was against hippies in the beginning. It's a solid episode, one I would recommend.

1. Spin The Bottle (A)
2. There's A Sponge In My Soup (B)
3. Spot Returns (B)
4. Cave Dwelling Sponge (B)
5. The Clam Whisperer (C)
6. The Check-Up (D)


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This was great. It takes an out there premise, and makes it fit into the logic of Spongebob. I was worried that the plot would be nonsensical, and it is, but it is executed in a fun way. The atmosphere is awesome. The hippies are a great addition to the cast, and Krabs and Spongebob were great as well. I have no complaints. 8/10


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this episode is garbage when compared to the masterpiece that is "there's a dponge in my soup". Automatic 0/10.