218a. Spin the Bottle


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Jul 15, 2017
~Marine Mermaid~ said:
I was curious on how "Sportz?" would turn out and it was....eh...eh...not as good as I hoped it would be.

I was hoping that maybe Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy would've been competing against each other in a made-up sport or something.

What bothered me was how INCREDIBLY naiive SB and Patrick were, considering that they have played sports before (Fry-Cook Games, Pre-Hibernation Week, Extreme Sports etc.) and they DON'T know what sports are, let alone how to use the equipment.

Squidward's plot of hurting the duo was a bit mean and petty, even for him. He just has this schadenfreude pleasure of seeing Spongebob and Patrick hurt in some way, shape or form. Instead of wanting to side with Squidward out of sympathy, you just see him as a petty scumbag.

Sandy's role was so contrived, since she doesn't appear until the last 5 minutes of the episode where they play one round of sports in a matter of seconds. Also, I feel that the script could've been done better as the dialogue felt a bit too simplistic IMO.

Overall, I give the episode a 4.5/10, some of the slapstick was funny but it was bit overwhelming that I lost my attention from it.
My thoughts exactly!
Spin The Bottle was my favorite!
First of all, I was surprised at how funny it turned out. Plankton looked really funny talking like a genie. Especially when the group spun the bottle and it made him sea sick!
Secondly, I thought it was really sweet when Patrick said he wanted another head to talk with(Noggin)to avoid being lonely while Spongey is at work.

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Aug 24, 2013
I actually liked this a bit.

Nothing spectacular and it wasn't as funny as Spot Returns or The Checkup but it gave me enough chuckles and pacing was pretty good. It has slapstick humor, which I got tired of in this show but I laughed quite a bit in this episode. Probably because Plankton pretending to be genie is a silly concept, so the slapstick works here but it's not overused to the point, compared to other episodes like The Getaway and Lost & Found. It still had some annoyance in it but again, it's not overused. Genie appearing at the end was a bit unusual but I let it slide. He was fun and I laughed at all characters, except SpongeBob getting punishment. Well deserved too cuz Plankton was being baddie and others were being greedie.

Grade: B


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Apr 9, 2013
I actually really liked this one.. really pulled up my hopes for season 11, which I was assuming would be as bad as the previous season (season 10 is, honestly, one of my least favorite seasons in quite a while).Patrick was.. actually funny here? It's been quite a long time since I've verbally laughed continously at an episode (I'd even say years), and this episode actually broke that trend. The fence joke and Patrick's lipstick are something I find absolutely hilarious..

Plankton is, over a decade later, still my favorite character, and this episode I feel really highlights why I love him. He's a chemical genius, but his plans are so ridiculous and not very well thought through. and I think that's lampshaded very nicely here.

I will say that the slapstick (what little I noticed, anyway) was very well placed, and fit within the joke at hand or the story.. the expressive faces have been toned down a lot more than in s10, and I think they actually work. They fit the character's emotion within the story, rather than just being there for the sake of artistic skill.

I think they're now characterizing Krabs as a somewhat grouchy, money loving old man, which I kinda like, to my surprise. Initially, he was more of a voice of reason, which I feel is better shifted to Sandy or Squidward, so I'm a-okay with this change, if intentional.

I'm a firm believer that a story idea can be reused as needed, if its given a unique or clever twist, and this proves my thoughts; just wish I didn't absolutely despise Sportz, but that's another story..

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Nov 21, 2015
I set pretty modest expectations for this episode, which might've explained why I was surprised by its quality. Despite being another episode where Plankton disguises as something this episode definitely feels different. The key is that it isn't just about Plankton keeping his ruse up and trying to get the formula, it plays off as more of a what-if? scenario with these characters and how they handle the bottle. The gags worked and while there was slapstick it wasn't intrusive like season 10 often was, as there's a healthy amount of humor that isn't visual. There's some actual character and dialogue humor to keep this afloat. The only thing I'm not sure about is the ending, which flowed about as well as a Family Guy cutaway gag, but I guess SpongeBob has never been known for great endings. Over all this continues the standard the first 2 episodes set and hopefully season 11 can continue this solid, if not spectacular, track record.



Moby Dollar
Aug 8, 2013
Season: 11

Episode: Spin the Bottle

This episode was kinda decent. The plot was decent as well. There were few funny jokes. 6/10

Ellie Williams

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May 17, 2017
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Loopers said:
Sorry, but this episode sucked.
It was wayy too fast paced and it had too much energy happening all up at once, not everything has to be slapstick

3/10 imo

Sportz? was slightly better at least. I just feel like Kaz is getting worse and worse. Get Blake ruined him.
Kaz and bob jaccues sees this review and leaves a message in a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4pqbOksqx8
Jun 6, 2017
I'm going to be honest with you, I didn't think this episode was going to be as good as it was. Surprisingly, it was actually a really funny episode. I really like some of the gags involving Plankton being injured in the bottle (Particularly the fence gag, that was hilarious), and I think the team that worked on this episode did a great job laying out the scenes where Plankton grants SpongeBob's friends' wishes, especially Squidward's part, that was both funny, and reminiscent on Squidward during Christmas Who?

So, what do I really have to say about this episode?

The plot of the episode isn't too original in my opinion. It's pretty much a mix of past "Plankton disguises..." episodes (Which, at this point has been done about 7 times I believe) and the climax of Christmas Who? Is the plot that good? No. The plot isn't that good, nor is it a good concept (At least in my opinion). Thankfully, the plot falls back on the jokes, and by golly, there's a lot of jokes in this episode.

The humor in this episode was very well handled. This is one of the funniest new episodes I've seen in a while, probably since The Checkup, or even before that, House Worming. As usual, this episode relies mostly on visual humor, but there's actually some pretty funny moments in this episode aside from visual gags (For some odd reason, I found Squidward opening his door to yell at SpongeBob to be hilarious. The pacing of that scene was brilliant, and the way Squidward's line was delivered executed a joke that wouldn't be funny otherwise). Don't get me wrong, there are some jokes in this episode that fall flat (Primarily the jokes revolving around Noggin. That wasn't too funny, and felt pretty forced). Still, I think there was a lot of small little funny moments and gags in this episode that really makes for a funny episode. Kaz developed different ways Plankton could be injured/tormented within the bottle, which allowed for the running gag to not grow stale overtime.

As for the characters, well, they feel pretty forced for the most part. Patrick & Krabs especially are very predictable characters in this episode, very rarely do they actually manage to surprise me at any point in this episode. Plankton is a great main character in this episode, he brings a lot of scenes to life (Especially his interaction with Karen, the delivery of her lines, and even just the lines themselves felt really forced), and is a perfect strait man to all the chaos occurring around him. SpongeBob at first was obviously dumb downed to allow the running gag of Plankton smacking around the bottle to occur. I felt this was very out of character for him, but thankfully he was brought back to his usual intelligence by the time he learned the bottle was a genie bottle. From this point on, SpongeBob is a kind, caring individual who wants to bring joy to his friends. Perfectly in character.

While Squidward, Patrick, and Krabs do go a little overboard at the end of the episode, they definitely get their comeuppance, which I believe is a good pay off for their awfully greedy attitudes during the climax.

The story overall isn't anything special, but with two likable lead characters, and a lot of funny gags, the episode can pass as a pretty solid episode. It's an Okay Episode. Nowhere near as good as Season 11's other two episodes, but still better than a lot of Okay Episodes from Season 10.

I give this episode a 6.9/10.


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Apr 22, 2017
Plot of this episode makes no sense. It features one of the worst Plankton schemes yet. But, this is SpongeBob after all.
It's comedy, so good plot comes second after good comedy. Is comedy in this episode good? I think, it is. But something tells me, that this episode will be one of weakest this season.
But still - 7/10.
Aug 20, 2017
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Funny joke in the title XD. So this is not one of my favorites because the first 6 minutes is, (SpongeBob having everyone to take a wish because he's so happy and friendly.) Yeah those first 6 minutes is bad but the rest is amazing. I don't even know what to rate it. I guess GOOD episode? Eh it's doesn't matter we all have different opinions. 8/10.


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Nov 14, 2013
Growlie's Den
I never reviewed this one? I thought I did. Well, I thought Plankton struggling in the beginning was funny, that's about it really. Didn't like the ending.
Nov 10, 2017
United States
"Your wish is my command!"

What's with the hate for this episode? I didn't think it was that bad. There's really not much to say other than Mr. Krabs' random maturity change from Mermaid Pants. :P

1. Spin The Bottle (A)
2. Spot Returns (B)
3. Cave Dwelling Sponge (B)
4. The Clam Whisperer (C)
5. The Check-Up (D)


Moby Dollar
Jun 22, 2019
Pretty solid episode. It wasn't hilarious but there were some funny moments like noggin. The ending is the highlight though. I also like how this episode kind of subverts your expectations, as you'd think the episode would be a typical plankton steals the formula plot, but once SpongeBob gets the bottle, the plot entirely changes.

Good Episode (7.5/10)