213b. Lost and Found

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Definitely one I'll need to rewatch much like its sister, but I did enjoy it upon first viewing, particularly the ending. This episode doesn't really feel like any we've seen before, and that's really good. While I do love episodes like "SpongeBob's Place," there's no doubt that elements of those episodes most certainly felt familiar. This episode felt nearly entirely fresh, and I really loved that. The episode's story was a bit more solid than that of "The Getaway," even if the humor might have been a little weaker, but ultimately I can forgive that, as it wasn't like there was no humor. I definitely enjoyed the gag where Krabs says there's a ladder, only for SpongeBob to fall down, and he subsequently just throws the ladder at him. Not sure what I'd rate it quite yet, but it'd probably be on the higher side, maybe an 8 or 9 out of 10. The pacing could be a little better, but that's an issue I have with many episodes upon first viewing; like "Sanctuary!," "Larry's Gym," and "CopyBob DittoPants."

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The environmental details were fantastic, maybe the best looking episode when it comes to detail. This one wasn't as funny as Unreal Estate and probably The Getaway but the jokes were still amusing and I loved the adventure SpongeBob went on in this huge lost or found. Like Sewers of Bikini Bottom this one ranks as one of my favorites for just how fun it is to see SpongeBob navigate this mysterious place.

The environment and details were nice but I can't help feeling a little disappointed in this episode, the crying kid did get on my nerves a bit, and the story felt like it could've been more towards an adventure to find the toy rather than the weird chase scene. It caught me off guard so perhaps that's why I feel a little disatisfied but hey, they did surprise me so I have to give them credit there. I'll have to rewatch this but for now I'll place it near the middle of the season.
This episode reminded me of Squidward in Clarinetland, the mystery of what lies beneath the krusty krab and how Mr. Krabs has so much stuff underground and those lost kids,
Great atmosphere and story, the crying kid in the end annoyed me how he didnt want his toy at the end instead of a dragon, but it was overall a nice episode.

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This episode was funnier then it's pair. Just the plot of SpongeBob lost in the lost and found is funny, and also, there's a good callback to Squidward in Clarenetland when he says he put his clarinets in his locker. And the kazoo scene was funny. The kids were actually funny as well. And the ending, where the kid wanted a dragon instead. Also, anyone else notice the Goofy Goober guitar and Neptune's crown on the shelf above SpongeBob? There's also Smitty's hat (2 episodes in a row with a One Krab's Trash refrence), Goofy Goober employee uniform, and... Umm... I'm pretty sure those monkey symbol things have been in an episode before? Anyway, 9.7/10

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this was an alright episode. it was a solid one. i loved the Lost and Found and how it just has like different time periods down there. it was pretty funny i might add. a good 8/10


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I didn't like the start of the episode, but the episode got good when SB got to the Lost and Found.

Also, first Dani Michaeli episode in years.


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Honestly, I liked this one almost as much as The Getaway. It had a very fresh and interesting plot. Though, my only flaws were that the crying kid got annoying after awhile and the ending was sadly predictable (of course, Squidward getting sent to Lost and Found ended up being a disaster for him). Like The Getaway, the callbacks are noticeable and they might be easy to miss, but there were a lot of them, which might to be a tradition for the Sherm Cohen directed episodes. It turns out most of the old people acting like kids were trapped there since they were younger which explains their behavior. Overall, I prefer the Getaway better, but this was still great.

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I actually liked this one more than "The Getaway". The plot was pretty cool, with the KK having an (underground!) lost and found. The addition with those kids being trapped in the lost and found for 60 or so years was interesting. The music editing wasn't bad ("Puka B" finally returned!), and some of the jokes were pretty funny (like the kazoo).


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The crying kid along with a predictable ending were cons.

But I actually liked the plot, and the snowglobe thing was funny, at least to me.

But what is it with annoying kids in Season 10?

Rating: 7.5/10


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The crying kid along with a predictable ending were cons.

But I actually liked the plot, and the snowglobe thing was funny, at least to me.

But what is it with annoying kids in Season 10?

Rating: 7.5/10
Maybe Sirena Irwin likes voicing the boys. Frankly, she does a surprisingly decent job for a person who only voiced women before.


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I have mixed feelings about this one. Some gags were funny, premise was creative and interesing (atmosphere is top notch), but annoying crying kid and some unnecessary Squidward slapstick kinda kills overall episode.
But eh, it was still pretty good.
7.5/10 probably.


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prob my least favorite episode in a really long time. the crying kid was really annoying and the lost and found plot was just....boring. i even didn't laugh once. :/

(i really loved the voodoo snow globe gag though. i -did- laugh seeing that in the commercial.)
This is one of those episodes that felt like style over substance. The environment in this episode was just too good. Unfortunately rest of the episode wasn't good. It wasn't as bad as I expected but I still couldn't stand it. I will be a bit fair here because environment was amazing but the jokes were just too irritating. I absolutely hated the crying kid parts. They were really unnecessary to the plot and the kid constantly irritated me. On top of that, Mr. Krabs started to cry too. Just why? Squidward was a butt monkey here for no reason. I admit the ending was so bad so funny but I really disliked how Squidward was treated here. Kids getting lost at lost and found and staying there for years and parents coming back to the place they lost them and having so clueless where they might be makes no sense whatsoever. Did they even call the cop to search the whole place? If so, then why didn't Mr. Krabs tell them about lost and found? The pacing was just all over the place. It wasn't too fast like The Getaway at least but the pacing did feel off. I didn't like other gags like chicken part and creepy costumer at the beginning. This episode just didn't work for me.

Grade: C-


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I'd watch this again, I'll just shut it off near its ending next time. Btw, anyone catch the references?

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs?
Jurassic Park Lost World?

Also the kids eating their ABC gum feast made me gag. That hasn't happened before in SpongeBob.
The kid's crying could've been much worse. Overall I'd much rather watch the Getaway then this.