211a. Plankton Retires


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Not very good, if only Plankton had really retired. And if that SpongeBob in the hotel was a robot, how the heck would he had thrown up? Robo Krabs returns but it was disappointing. Won't be watching this again.

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pretty good episode. I'm glad they didn't try tricking people into thinking Plankton changed his ways like in New Leaf since we all know that ain't happening. The jokes and plot were pretty good. Not too much else to say, it's a good episode.


Edit: Not sure what I saw in this episode. Mediocre at best, hardly anything happens and the little it does offer has already been done in other episodes, 5/10.


it's okay, imo
the beginning was too slow and thanks to that one (overlong) gag in the end the episode felt like some 3 minute short. it's not bad but im really fond of the ep so i'll give it a 6/10 for now. might rewatch though


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I thought this episode was pretty good and felt way better than New Leaf. The fail montage at the beginning went on for a while and wasn't exactly needed since we've already seen Plankton fail many times before, but it was still entertaining, so I'll give it that. I also thought Dullville was an interesting new location and I liked the little callback to Krusty Katering. I also loved how the twist ending was pulled off rather than the typical use of "status quo". And the very ending with robot decoys was hilarious and unexpected and didn't feel rushed. I'll give this a 7.5/10. Not bad for the second Plankton-themed episode of the season.
I thought this one was pretty good. The vomit scene made me uncomfortable at first but since he was really just a robot I guess it's ok. Even though the robot twist has been done before it was still somehow unexpected and funny

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This was a solid episode. The KKatering reference was cool. The part with the robots playing volleyball was hilarious though. 9.6/10


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It's... ok. The beginning went on for way too long, and I found the plot twist at the end to be pretty dumb. I will say though I loved the interactions between the robots; but that was the only thing in the episode that made me laugh. The story is still decent, though, so I'll give it a 6/10.


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i actually thought the fail montage was done really well and the pacing kept it from feeling like the same old thing we've seen so many times before. i wasn't expecting the plot twist. the ending with the robots was really funny.
This episode felt just okay. It has both great and bad stuff. It really took 4 minutes to get to the actual plot and that bothered me. I get you have to set up Plankton getting tired of failing but we didn't need to see his failure 5 times already. At first it was amusing like Plankton's facial expressions on camera were pretty funny but later on, it felt so repetitive. And I just can't help but feel this episode is just nothing new, so the status quo here felt so annoying. Plankton quitting to steal formula was handled better in News Leaf, even if that one was predictable too. What unpredictable was that Plankton, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob at Dullsville turning out to be robots which was the best aspect of the episode. I loved them talking about how pointless Plankton's schemes are (how ironic for an episode that was pointless) and robots being used for Krabs and Plankton rivalry. The montage of robots spending time together was funny as hell too. Too bad if this episode had more substance and not a long set up, I would have enjoyed it. Still it's nothing so bad and it had it's amusing moments.

Grade: B-


My god why do we have people complaining about this episode already? Well here we go again with the drama guys -_-
Anyways I've seen this episode and I have to say, it's pretty good, there were some decent jokes, the story at the beginning was pretty entertaining with Plankton's attempts to get the formula so don't yell at me for those who hated it :bullshrimp: also yes guys I noticed they brought back Krusty Katering which is nice also the plot twist ending was FANTASTIC! I mean SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs & Plankton were decoys and went on to spend the rest of the day hanging out which is funny to see in a modern SpongeBob episode so overall I'm giving this episode a 7/10 :sbyes:
Also Mr. Lawrence, good job on this episode, don't let those haters get to you since you were the original writer for this show since the beginning and keep up the good work as story editor & writing on future episodes :sbthumbs: