207a. Mimic Madness


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I saw the trailer yesterday, and it kinda looks like a mix of Earworm (SpongeBob develops an uncontrollable habit) and Face Freeze! (a central selling point is facial nausea) but in a good way.


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I loved this episode! It kind of reminded me a couple other episodes, only much different. There were many great visual gags and funny dialogue in this episode, such as angry Tom, SpongeBob's imitations, SpongeBob imitating the narrator, the ending, and that out-of-nowhere (in a good way) musical number. :lol: I also absolutely adored the return of "Bring it around town!" This was a great episode of season 10! Plus, the animation was still amazing as always! Good job, SpongeBob crew! You've really nailed it with this one! ;) 9.5/10!

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I LOVED this episode.

Mimic Madness:

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire episode especially the ending of the episode and the Jacque Cousteau Refrence when spongebob mimiced the narrator xD . OH MY GOD THE SONG. of was one of the best SpongeBob songs in history! I loved Patrick in the episode. he was in character and not a jerk! a true 10/10


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A great episode all around. It had a few flaws (Patrick, the father at the beginning), but it made up for them heavily. (I can easily see them experimenting with characters' behavior a bit to see what the fans like after all these years, like with Season 1 - I felt that Patrick was a bit too dumbed down, and the trash can bit - while definitely not as bad as the Dark Age - is still a little uncomfortable).

Both the comedy and story shine through (and through), with bits like Krabs/Plankton's Spongebob imitations and the French narrator hitting highs.

Plus, the "Who Am I" song, no lie, is (at very least to me) one of the best and most beautiful songs ever to come out of the show, up there with "This Grill Is Not a Home" and "Don't Be a Jerk, It's Christmas". This, I feel, needs an iTunes/whatnot release and/or to be put online standalone.


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Oh my this is so good! I didn't know what to expect from this episode, I didn't see the promo (but I did see the sneak clip on Nick.com). But this was GREAT! Bring it around town?!?!?!!??!?!?!? No way! And the song was good. I loved the narrator gag, I could NOT stop laughing!!!! Like I said in Factory Fresh's discussion, (Definately top 5 material) while I wouldn't put it top 5, I would put it Top ten. 10/10