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"SpongeBob fears that he is allergic to his pineapple house and Squidward offers to help him find a new home and trouble ensues." (SpongeBob Wiki)

Discuss when it airs on May 20th, 2017.


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Another episode about Spongebob's house causing issues and worrying about moving out? How original.

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
PinkPearl said:
Another episode about Spongebob's house causing issues and worrying about moving out? How original.
Home Sweet Pineapple was more about building a new home than finding one, not the greatest concept but it's too early to be cynical about it.


I can't wait for Vincent Waller to tell us all about all the juicy production that went into this episode.
The episode was actually pretty hilarious. A grouchy squidward episode where he can still act somewhat zany as in the newer seasons and he still gets what he deserved in the end. The gags were pretty nice from the intro with the hose and kids until the whole reveal at the end. This is already top three in the season for me along Burst Your Bubble and Mimic Madness, and possibly the funniest of them all.

8.5/10, may make it higher later on, trying to give it slightly lower because it still isn't quite up to par with the very best of the series but it fits in nicely.
This episode reminded me of Truth or Square when Patchy was inside the whale. Spongebob's house was shown with a body in his memories with his house, and I liked those differant intros showing Spongebob with differant houses.


Wow! This was an amazing episode! I just loved how much visual humor that they could pack in making fun of house designs--I just love the theme song cutaway with the banana, hot pepper, and chicken parmesan hero, it's really kind of meta to the fact that we just accept that a pineapple can be a home--and the final one where we find out Squidward's sleep timer is actually a rocket ship, that was really unexpected!

This is a major step up in the humor because the episode finally found the perfect balance between telling a story through the wackiest animation possible, and keeping some restraint, a quality I just thought was missing in episodes like "Krusty Katering" or "Trident Trouble". I like that the focus is put exclusively on two characters to maximize the amount of conversation they have throughout, and I loved just how mundane some of the humor was to these scenarios. I loved that SpongeBob just nonchalantly states "this house is a long way from Bikini Bottom" when they're in a fish tank in a live-action seafood restaurant that's eleven hours from the Krusty Krab!

It's so great that even when I watched this without the English dialogue, I could completely understand every visual gag and story point in the episode. And with these subtle, yet crazy dialogue to put in it, this is a fantastic episode that easily competes with the best episodes this Season! Great job!

Grade: "A"

*(I'll post a more detailed review in my topic tomorrow, though)

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this one's definitely going to be polarizing
Personally, I really liked this one; yes, there is a lot of Squidward slapstick in the episode that I can see people not liking, but the theme song montage was hilarious, the setup went on just short enough for the actual house hunting to get the focus, and there were lots of new and creative designs and locations in this one. The visual gags were also top notch, but that isn't really a surprise to anyone.
Ben Gruber's episodes have really surprised me so far; aside from one complete dud, all of his episodes have captured the spirit of the show and have actually pulled some really clever jokes. Though Plankton Gets the Boot is still my favorite episode written by him, this one comes really close.
Also, the music editing was top-notch in this one; lots of iconic SpongeBob tracks in this one (Cha Cha Nova returns!), and very few of the cartoon stings were used here.

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
I really like what they've done with the Squidward-SpongeBob dynamic in this episode. Squidward is the grouch who does something bad to warrant his ending, similar to Sold! There was a lot of creative things they did with the houses too. I don't have a lot to say, but with some episodes they're just good.



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This is another episode I wouldn't watch again...except for that montage.

And bad Gary! Bad! You do not attack Squidward, or else it's a heavy duty, high power Water Hose for you!

Very bad ending too, I'd rather Squidward go back to Squidville.
Growlie said:
Nope. Considering that SpongeBob's cleaning and wild antics ruined Squidward's painting.
He still went overkill by making SpongeBob have to literally change houses, which could affect things like closeness to the KK, something that was even mentioned as a joke.


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At first, I thought it was gonna be like a typical SpongeBob and Squidward episode. But to my expectations, that was actually pretty good, even for Ben Gruber's writing standards. He managed to write SpongeBob and Squidward in character, as in their old selves. Brian Morante did some pretty awesome drawings as well. The episode's humor is actually rather funny in a good way rather than being forced comedy for the sake of the plot. Squidward acted like a jerk who wanted to get rid of SpongeBob, but he does his punishment, therefore his abuse was justified, just like the ending to The Whole Tooth. The best part of the episode was definitely when they looking for a new house and we get to see three different parody of the theme song, complete with Pat Pinney reprising his role as Painty the Pirate while singing them. The ending was unexcepted but the whole neighborhood swap places. All in all, it was really fun episode with some good humor. Definitely Gruber's best script for SpongeBob. 8.5/10