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Ink Lemonade hurts me.

Plot: "Sandy must save the day when a freak accident causes everyone in town to become as stupid as Patrick."

Last episode of the premiere week. It sounds very weird but also very promising, who knows how it'll turn out, maybe it'll just be a sequel to Tutor Sauce, hence its former name was Idiot Sauce. It is written by Kaz so that's a good sign.


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I told you to turn off that laugh track, Karen! That was a great episode. It was like watching SpongeBob in an alternate reality, especially when Karen and Sandy started a school to educate the citizens of Bikini Bottom.
So it was sorta like the rest of the series didn't matter and it was a new beginning, interesting dynamic there. Weird how they didn't educate Patrick at all though if it'd be that easy. :p
Also Plankton playing a role was interesting here, I can't believe it worked as well as it did, and we sorta got to see Plankton go to college. I'll give this a bit more credit than Food Con, but I'll definitely need to re-watch maybe 5 times to get a hold of it.


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This episode was nothing short of hilarious. Now Sandy needs to team up with Squilliam to fill complete.

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Fun episode, definitely went a funny direction I wasn't expecting. A Karen-Sandy team-up is something that they never done before and it was really creative. An enjoyable episode over all.


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This one... was my favorite of the week, no doubt. It was awesome to see 2 characters together that rarely if ever converse (Sandy and Karen) and seeing he townspeople being idiotic was great (the skateboard gag with Patrick got a good laugh outta me); it was also cool to see the gang in a school setting, something I'd love to see more of. Very fresh and incentive, with great pacing. When the SB team gets it right, they REALLY get it right. Fantastic work guys, looking forward to SB's future endeavors. :)


I was not expecting a Sandy and Karen team up but I'm glad it happened because it worked really well! Another great episode this week and the whole episode in general felt interesting and unique and I really liked the concept/plot. Overall, I enjoyed this one for sure.


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Very good episode. The laugh track gag was very funny and I like how Sandy and Karen teamed up. I give this episode a 8.5/10.


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Out of all the episodes this week, this one surprised me the most because it went in a direction that I really wasn't expecting. It was fresh, creative and original, and I look forward to more episodes being like this one in the future.

Even the Karen and Plankton interactions were funny, so I'm enjoying their dynamic again. Focusing on Sandy teaming up with Karen was great, and they really worked well together. Patrick's skateboard gag was hilarious. And I love the message that there's no automatic cure for being dumb, and that Sandy and Karen spent an entire semester painstakingly educating everyone to get them back to their normal selves. I believe the irony was intentional in that everyone graduated from college EXCEPT Plankton. Seeing everyone in their togas was really sweet, in a way. I got the fuzzies from them graduating.

I only have 2 issues with this episode:
1) As it's a Krabs vs Plankton episode, the ending is always predictable in that regard. I would've loved more scenes leading up to graduation instead, and dropping the typical krabby patty formula shenanigans. They could've spent more time showing everyone's dynamic at University. We only get a hint of it with the part where Plankton bullies Spongebob and Mr. Krabs, and Patrick as the janitor (which was funny, but in a way, sad).
2) Too much random focus on the townspeople being dumb, and not much main character interaction. I feel like the main characters should've easily filled the slots of the townspeople in the classroom. We don't see dumb!Patrick interacting with dumb!Spongebob, or dumb!Spongebob interacting with dumb!Squidward. Everyone seemed very separate from one another.
A really great episode. "SpongeBob at School" was a dynamic I've wanted to see for a long time...and we finally got an episode that did it, and it did it very well indeed. I also liked the Karen/Sandy dynamic, overall a very good episode and the laugh track gag was funny. 9.5/10

Also, this was my favorite from the week.
This is the only episode of the week that I didn't like. Instead of being stupid in a funny way, the characters were being stupid in a predictable and annoying way. Patrick isn't even usually half as dumb as the characters were in this episode.