197b. Two Thumbs Down

From the first viewing it was pretty mediocre and boring IMO. The plot was really dumb and there was nothing funny or anything really that great. Just first impressions so IDK.


This episode was kind of a letdown, idk it wasn't awful, but it felt forced with the references and the generic stock gags and the plot was all over the place.

i may rewatch this one
A little dull and not that funny. I liked a few jokes but there were too many thumb puns/jokes. I liked the characters here at least. 6.4/10 (on the weaker side of season 9)


"We signed a peace treaty Squidward."

Oh my god the guy going up because of the thumbs up. The cutaways when his thumbs were breaking were great though, all pretty funny stuff and the doctor. <3 (Though I liked the cough in the commercial more.) Squidward letting SB use his thumbs was so sweet though. Like this was a random pointless plot but I give them credit for making it pretty funny and that song. <3 I mean the first ep was probably better but whatever, still good.

"waiting for autumn"

I nearly died.

A as well

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Not bad, the plot wasn't one of the best they could have chosen, but it's still fun and enjoyable, still perfer this over Mall Girl Pearl.



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  • Forced episode concept is forced. Really, this sounds like something I'd use in a joke about forced episode plots, but it's real.
  • Spandy confirmed.
  • He doesn't have to move his thumbs to use a spatula...
  • I think the musical sequence is a joke about how pointless this episode is.
  • He also doesn't need thumbs to open a jar of peanut butter...
  • Forced climax is stupid. Or a joke about how pointless this episode is, hopefully the latter.

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Honestly I didn't care for it. This is probably the first episode in 9b that I didn't like. The plot was odd, weird, and rushed. I mean the way SpongeBob gets his thumbs back is so forced. Many of the jokes just didn't do it for me, they were kind of dumb. However I did like how the thumb song was used in the episode surprisingly, but it could have been shorter. Not a bad episode, it had some charm like the way SpongeBob, Pat, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs act is cute, but a forgettable, boring one. 6/10


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Squidward's part about helping SpongeBob was sweet, it really felt genuine. Over all, my hand connected with my forehead many times and the Eye of the Tiger part...really? I think, I liked the other episode alittle bit better.


This episode was overall pretty good. I love how a simple plot was turned into something pretty cool and really funny too. The song has also grown on me surprisingly :p


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ummmm i am definitely in the minority here i guess. OH WELL, here goes nothing: i completely loved it. it's in my top three from 9b along with pull up a barrel and patrick the game. i'm sorry. something about this episode just made me happy?!?? the plot worked because it was a little absurd but at the same time IT MADE SENSE that he'd feel so useless and incapacitated in his situation!!! i felt bad for spongebob. the characters and interactions were all done right. it was just a really good, solid episode that would not have felt out of place in season 1-3. it even made me laugh out loud a couple times. i'm sorry? i just really liked this one a lot!!!!

....aaaand i can't NOT mention this, but before i do, i want to say i would have enjoyed the episode regardless, but since i've only been shipping them for about seventeen years........the spandy was real in this one, it was subtle and they played with it and the overly dramatic scene they had was just too good. it made me very very happy because it's the first proper ~shippy~ moment between them that i've actually enjoyed in a long time.

8-8.5/10 i think????


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Strangely enough, in the extended promo (the scenes where Sandy warns SpongeBob and the thumb crashlands) there were different APM tracks: "Misty Menace" by Max Saunders and "Warlord" by Wolfgang Kafer respectively. In the episode, there was an unnamed original track by Guyton and Wakefield and "Sword Fight" by Bluestone and Cadkin.

In the terms of music selection, I liked how the "dramatic strings" part in "Crazy Mind" by Harry Lubin blends in "Fates" by Gregor Narholz.


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I currently don't have cable (Darn money trouble) so I'll have to watch these two later.

Also: Whoever said that Nick's advertising always locks onto the poorer episode of the two has had their theory apparently proved again, thanks to the average of these reviews! It might as well become a scientific theory at this point!