196b. Married to Money

this episode was alright, having Plankton fooled him thinking it's real money talking, and married him is just plain silly :p

Overall, it was ok episode.


Wow... I hate to overreact, but this might be up there with "Patrick! The Game" as not only one of my favorites of Season 9, but of the show entirely. I loved it. The humor's fast-paced and top-notch. Some of my favorites were the return of the sea bears as part of Plankton's plan only to have SpongeBob tickle them out, and I loved that we kept seeing Plankton's ridiculous torment when disguised, from having to heave an exaggerated amount of spaghetti during a classic date scene and that we had to see him struggle to small talk with Pearl by mistaking barnacles as shoes. And when Mr. KKrabs had to sturggle to pick flowers off of women to leave them crying... it's mean but it's so fast-paced. Mr. Krabs himself was also a highlight in that we were finally shown his cheapness is not his only attribute, and that he has a passionate, emotional outlook and really see how happy as a clam he is when opening up to love. I get that it's a essentially a "the one" parody wrapped in money. It's completely ridiculous how realistically Mr. Krabs took such a silly concept as seriously as he did. I even has some nice content to show that the show's atmosphere's getting more consistent yet so unpredictable, like the nod to Truth or Square's "setting up" scene done even more colorfully, and even confirmation that Mr. Krabs did have a wife he misses, which is great that we can finally interpret that beyond pure fanfiction.

Giving this a solid 9.5/10. Imitation Krab's is still the better episode with foundation on the "Plankton disguises as something to get the forumla" as it was a funnier still. but that's not to deny credit.


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I didn't watch it :( Am I the only one?? Guys , if anyone of you have a link to watch it please send :( :( :'( I haven't seen none of the 2 new episodes :(


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I watched this episode by accident iCarly was on a commercial break and I saw it was a new episode so I watched it :haylp: poor Mr. Krabs he thought he found love but it was all a lie :( he does not deserve this!!!!! All he wants is to be happy :cry:

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Wow another season 9b episode that has really suprised me. The humor was colorful, fast, and really enjoyable. It also shows Krabs is a suprisingly symphatetic light. I actually felt sorry for him in the end and it builds on his characters. A very well-done episode, 8/10 for now but that could get higher. I look forward to more Josh Androsky and Daniel Dominguez episodes.


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I can tell you that with pessimistic hopes, this episode was better than I excepted. I thought it was gonna be awkward, but the ending was more emotion focused than cringiness. The animation was very fluid here and there's some nice facial expressions as well (Plankton actually quite a bit of faces and so did Pearl, the whale not the Crystal Gem, in one scene). Speaking of which, the style of art/animation is starting to become very SU-like.

I won't be surprised if the Fishbowl ended up being a downer and this episode end up better (I hadn't seen that episode yet and I thought that there's gonna be a rerun but LIBB airs instead)


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I really liked it! The humor was pretty good, and it expanded Krabs's character, ever so slightly. He's lonely, and his story actually has a sad ending, which is rare for SpongeBob.

One could find some interesting subtext within Pearl's initial dislike of having a stepmom. It really felt like it was because she missed her biological mother (which I know they would never actually say)

I noticed how Plankton basically feels zero remorse for toying with Krabs's emotions. It kinda shows a more cruel side of Plankton we don't see often.



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I thought this episode was great, as with it's sister episode 'The Fishbowl'. I really liked how SpongeBob was Mr. Krabs' wedding planner, I thought that those parts were funny, I also liked Mr. Krabs personality in this episode, as he really cared for Cashina, there were also really funny jokes in this episode like "May I take you to a place where you can buy me dinner".

Overall Score: 8/10

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Really good episode! There were great jokes in this episode, and I'm actually sorta shaken up that Cashina was really a disguise that Plankton made. This episode was also very emotional. Small nitpick: It's strange that this episode ends with an iris out.


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The difference between this and the other disguise episodes is that even though you know it's plankton, the disguise is pretty convincing. It wasn't a rusty old robot, a cheesy snail costume, a creepy robotic skin suit, or an obvious old lady costume. It's understandable that Mr. Krabs would fall for it. And I gotta admit, I actually felt pretty bad for Mr. Krabs for once. I loved that line towards the end where he asks Plankton (after being revealed) if he felt any real chemistry. I dont remember how the line went but that made me laugh out loud.


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This was probably one of the strangest episodes the show's ever done so far, in my opinion. Like, nobody's questioning the fact a walking talking stack of bills and a crab are getting married (then again... his daughter is a whale, and nobody also questions that...). But even with the surrealness of this whole plot it's still a zany and great episode. The callback to "The Camping Episode" with the Sea Bear attack was great, and I have to admit Plankton's plan was actually pretty foolproof (considering Krabs' huge love for money). It was also nice seeing some development with Krabs' family, correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is the first time they actually mentioned Pearl's mother. The ending was also sweet, you really have to feel bad for Krabs.
THERE WAS NO MENTION OF A DIVORCE (possible missed chance for a joke but hey the emotional scene worked great, I feel it sets up a potential episode where Krabs really finds true love)
9/10, the humor was great, pacing was pretty good after the weird opening (new way to stop Sea-bears and to train them I guess, that would help more than a circle :p)
This was a huge step-up from The Fishbowl, I would love to see more episodes like this, although I think Sharks vs Pods wants to go a different direction which would be alright.