195b. Larry's Gym

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Plot: When Larry the Lobster opens a new gym, SpongeBob becomes his #1 customer.

Written by: Jack Pendarvis

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This episode was also really amazing. I found a lot of solid jokes and gags throughout and again, like its partner episode, it introduced the plot right away. Seeing an episode dedicated to Larry (and technically SB) was really refreshing and so was the plot. It felt original. SpongeBob was perfectly in character and his silly nature mixes well with Larry's more calm personality, which makes for a really funny episode, like this one obviously.

The different setting was also unique and felt different, which is good. The running gag with Mr. Krabs was so funny and that ending was the cherry on top. I also really liked seeing the buff SB as it reminded me of Invincibubble. Everything in this episode was executed really nicely and just an overall great episode.


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Yeah this was a really surreal episode. It was nice seeing Larry in an episode again, and his gym was a pretty funny setting (especially Mr. Krabs taking advantage of the "free today only" thing, just like in "The Smoking Peanut"). The animation was really good in this one, especially the exaggeration of muscles and Larry's potbelly, and jokes like the return of "MY LEG!". The ending I thought was funny if not a little similar to the ending of "Wishing You Well", though it's a little satisfying as in it's karma for Krabs insulting Larry throughout the episode.

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This episode was like the opposite of LongPants, that episode had an uninteresting premise but had some very funny gags, this episode has a really cool location and story but it isn't that funny, it had its moments though like some of the work-out routines and the my leg gag. I like how Mr. Krabs got punished at the end. I love the return of the my leg gag and Bubble Bass. I really love how they made Larry a core part of this episode, a pretty good episode but not a great one. Probably one of the weaker post-second movie episodes overall.



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I saw this episode just now, it was... certainly something very different to anything we'd seen before on SpongeBob. It had a lot of really good moments, I liked it! Bubble Bass, and the my leg gag returned! Also, the brug stuff made me laugh for some reason. The water muscles thing was kind of predictable but it was still cool nonetheless. Also, despite the inconsistencies (because there IS no continuity in SB), seeing SB fail to lift those really light items was also hilarious and a nice nod back to "Ripped Pants".

All in all, a solid, fun episode with some jokes. Nice to see Larry be the main character again. And the ending joke!



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I was so confused looking through these reactions. I didn't know the episode aired already and I thought all of these posts were an extremely extended running gag or something! lol

the episodes aired? LINKS!
I enjoyed it more than the sister episode but not the best of 9b. Some good laughs. Liked Larry becoming fat and SpongeBob becoming strong. Ending was weird but Mr. Krabs becoming food was funny.



It's actually cool to see a full on Larry episode, I hope Sandy will be in this bc SB/Sandy/Larry was awesome in S1.

This kinda reminds me of how Larry took SpongeBob under his wing in SpongeGuard on Duty (and this ep reminded me of that one because they actually had the music from SpongeGuard in this lol). The Mr. Krabs free towel thing reminded me of his very dirty dollar, he was just so silly in this and I loved it because it wasn't about the KK for once. The random my legs wasn't Mr. Lawrence lol. Seeing more SB as an exercise trainer would have been cool though.

Thought it was a funny enough episode with Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob.

Edit: aww Sandy wasn't in it.


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This episode was kind've weird, and Larry's potbelly kind've grossed me out, but that scene with Spongebob teaching the exercise class makes up for everything.


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NOTE: Like SBLP, I may need to see this again to get a better understanding, but this one not nearly as much.

I like this episode overall. It started good, but the conflict in the second half got a little formulaic (Although the irony was hilarious). Bad news first: This tab has crashed. TOO MUCH EXPOSITION in the ending! I feel like they could've handled it better, but they were thinking of younger kids while watching. On the "My Leg" gag, I felt that it wasn't that good because of the new voice, combined with being extended to a "Wile E. Coyote and a Catapult" level. (I personally don't like needless abuse.) Larry being a jock to Spongebob (Specifically keeping reminding him to be hydrated) is also needless, although part of it (Slapping donuts away) is okay (It even works as a contrast later on). Seeing Larry fat also makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Remember, that's four bad things.

Good parts: The cameo of Bubble Bass (The Fat B*leep* returns!) is quite welcome to (undeniably) everyone, Spongebob being unable to lift what is known as the lightest dumbbell on earth (Although it peeved me a little, because of Spongebob's plush animal weights being liftable) and the following montage, The contrast of Muscular Spongebob and Number-Crunching Larry (Complete with potbelly!) (I specifically like Spongebob's POV, seeing as he rides a wheel-less exercise bike to Larry), Spongebob's exercise techniques (As a bonus, it even helps Larry out), The huuuge stack of lifetime membership papers (Seeing as it can be simpler, you can fit loads and loads of letters on a page AND how thin paper actually is), and, most importantly, Mr. Krabs' appearances. First he tries to pull a "Smoking Peanut" (Taking "Free Day" to the highest extent, for you sponge novices out there), as well as calling out Larry for the loophole, then his stint at the dumbbell (1. New shell not so tough, Krabs? 2. Nice to see that they remembered Mr. Krabs has flesh under his shell. Otherwise, it's just OK.), and finally, the biggest laugh all evening: The final gag. (Yes, Krabs, you are "well done".) And on an "average" standpoint, like SBLP, it's nice to see that Spongebob's sponge powers are put to use here. It makes things greater whn used cleverly.

That's seven good things (Nine counting the final gag and exercise-bike Spongebob as standalones), firmly making this episode a bit more good than bad.

Overall: 7.25/10 (Roughly 3.65 in Star- or Blu-Ray.com-speak).

Here's to the next episode pair, with Mr. Krabs' tussle with a lamppost (hopefully) and marriage to money. And now more space will be added thanks to my current signature.

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Interesting to see an episode with Larry starring. Great gags, and the return of Bubble Bass was pretty unexpected. Oh, and ol' Krabby was great here. First, he takes "Free Day" literally, next insults Larry, and the gag at the end was hilarious. Reminded me of "Wishing You Well". The music selection was nice, and it was great to hear "Beach Party" again. There's this one track that plays when Krabs first appears that I'd like the name of, BTW. Seeing muscular Sponge was pretty interesting, and it's pretty funny how he rides up to Larry at one point, on an exercise bike. The water-muscle thing was pretty unexpected.
EDIT: The music track I was looking for is "Sea Shanty Medley" by Phil Green.

Great episode.

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It was a decent episode, everyone was in character, Mr.Krabs got his karma at the end when he stayed in the steam room too long and turned to a live-action crab (favorite part) and I had a few good laughs (8.8/10)


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That episode was good, a LOT better than SpongeBob LongPants, I guess they make good commercials for not so good episodes, while the good ones don't need commercials lol Not saying I don't liked SB LP

The episode was really funny, with clever jokes... Loved how they made Mr. Krabs appear on the episode, really laughed!!! :D
Real spoiler here, don't click if you don't watched.
I knew the muscles of SpongeBob would be water, from the first time I saw him drinking water lol

I'm rating is 9/10. Really good episode, they should make more episodes like this, with secondary characters.

I guess I missed Sandy, since I guess she would go to the gym, but she would not add anything to the episode, so it's ok not seeing her.