195a. SpongeBob LongPants


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It was better than I expected it to be. I like the direction it went in with the "growing up" theme. It took elements from like a million other episodes, but it still felt original. I noticed the Kaz episodes of 9b feel very different than the Pendarvis/McCulloch episodes.


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Great episode, it felt a little bit like "Squidward's School for Grown Ups" in the sense a character got to feel the grown up life but didn't adjust to it well. Spongebob had it good until he realized he was too "sophisticated" for non-upper class activities, and the fact he had an opportunity to have a driver's license (which he got from a regular DMV rather than Mrs. Puff, which I thought was a little weird) only to have it taken away from him again was a little sad. Also, the guy who sold Spongebob at the pants at the beginning looked like the "Get outta town!" guy from "That's No Lady"... with a mustache.


I thought this episode was a hundred times better than what I expected it to be. I didn't really think they would be able to do something really interesting with the plot but they really did! I loved everything about this episode and I also really like how the episode started off and introduced the plot right away so we can get the whole 11 minutes of fun, unlike other episodes that drag on a bit in the beginning like The Executive Treatment.

But yeah, I loved seeing "Sponge Robert" and seeing him become manly and all that stuff. It was really cool that MM and BB, while didn't appear, still contributed to the episode. It's good to know that they're keeping MM and BB present in the series someway. But yeah, I also like Mrs. Puff's hilarious appearance and seeing Sandy, Patrick and Mr. Krabs hang out was kinda cool. And SpongeBob technically got his license, though it was taken away in the end. Overall, really awesome episode :)


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Wow this episode actually turned out to be really good? I have to see this!

I had confidence that this episode would be good, and apparently it's 20 times better than everyone expected.

Can't wait to see it.

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I've managed to somehow gets my hands on this episode, and I gotta say it was eh, this plot also showed the writers are out of ideas, obviously since this is similar to TSONTS. There were also too many status qous in this episode; SpongeBob getting his license but having it confiscated at the end (Mrs.Puff even stated it was the end of the world while SpongeBob had his license) SpongeBob ripping is jeans so they can be back to normal, overall there were no gross-out or OOC moments I'll give it a (5.5/10)

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I was expecting to not care about it but this was a really good episode! Kaz hasn't lost his touch. The plot seems weak on paper but the way they executed it was pretty brilliant and surpasses To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants by a long shot. This episode cuts right to the chase, unlike TSONTS which took awhile to get going. Kaz's episodes tend to be very fast faced compared to others. There is a solid theme of growing up and there are quite a few hilarious jokes, such as "The Table" and the remake of the reboot. I even love how they are keeping MM/BB in the SpongeBob universe. Way better than I expected, good job SpongeBob crew.

It could have been much better. I did laugh at some parts (maybe I didn't laugh as much cause I just watched the GF finale minutes before). Better than expected though.