191b. The Executive Treatment



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There was no episode discussion threads, so here we go. Since the forum is locked, I decided to post it here. I've always wanted to post one of these.

Anyway I loved the episode. I thought it was great. I really loved Patrick in this episode. He was classic Season 1-4 funny and I loved it. Also I love how little SpongeBob played in this episode. 9/10.


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I loved this episode, it was extremely funny. My favorite part was when Patrick jumped into the mug.

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Another great and hilarious episode that shows Patrick back to his normal self! Also, that straw joke gets me every time. But overall, this was an amazing episode, and I can't wait for more!


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This episode was so perfect, I can't put it into words. I loved it. Possibly in my Top 10.


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This episode was MUCH better than I expected. It was better than Squid Plus One also.


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Yeah, because people saying "business" over and over again totally isn't grating. #sarcasm Seriously tho, I couldn't even sit through this episode without turning my TV off and doing homework.

1.5/10 or 15%


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imrustyokay said:
Yeah, because people saying "business" over and over again totally isn't grating. #sarcasm Seriously tho, I couldn't even sit through this episode without turning my TV off and doing homework.

1.5/10 or 15%
I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. I really got bashed for it yesterday, but I guess it's just something else for the "unpopular opinions" topic.

I wasn't much a fan of it. Patrick being his almost-over-the-top dumb self, but not quite doesn't make a for a great episode, and I wasn't a fan of the new characters either (particularly the green guy whose name I already forget). I thought the lack of Spongebob would make it fail entirely, but not quite. I'd like to see them do the same thing with Squidward. But meh, this episode didn't do it for me. 2.5/10



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I LOVED this episode more than I thought I would. So many funny moments and I laughed throughout the whole thing. It was really good to see an episode focusing on just Patrick. Interesting that it didn't have much of SpongeBob but was still successful.

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Back for a brief moment with my thoughts on the episodes.

The Executive Treatment was the superior of the two imo. Great gags, funny twist ending, the jail sequence was hilarious, Patrick not overly characterized, I thought it was a great episode. 9/10


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The beginning was great, but it did drag however in the second half, really wasn't interesting. 6.5/10


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The second half was hilarious (especially that ending omfg) but the beginning was really really slow and dragged out. The scene with all of the fish eating The Executive Treatment was really, really... I don't know. it was boring and pointless I guess? I mean I know it was important to the plot but Patrick could have just seen the first two fish eating it and then we could have skipped through the endless usage of the words "Business" and "Executive" and all the terrible puns and then just gotten to the plot.
Sorry, I think this is a good episode overall, but the beginning of it left this stale taste in my mouth which kind of killed the rest of the episode for me.

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This episode is the better of the two. Sure, it may have been sort of like Chum Bucket Supreme and yet another episode focusing on Patrick being dumb, but it was still good. It was a bit repetitive with "business" being repeated throughout the episode, but at least it didn't get used too much and overstay its welcome. Not the best episode of the show, but still good.



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This one was decent. The premise was good and it gave us a new twist on Patrick's stupidity, but it got really repetitive, especially with the sandwich gags. The "business" people were kinda amusing at first, but that got pretty stale after a while. They could have varied it up a bit by making them say other businessy words. The alligator guy was pretty interesting, but I thought his design looked weird.

Favorite gags:
"This is the last straw."
The mustache scene

Also, +1 for the Jailbreak callback.



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Season: 9

Episode: The Executive Treatment

This episode was good. The plot was nice. Patrick's character reminded me of his season 1-4 persona. There were some funny jokes. 8/10



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This episode…

was pretty boring. Sure, Patrick not's a jerk in it, but there's nothing memorable about this at all. I'd give this a 5.5/10.


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Personally, I liked Squid Plus One a little bit more. Don't get me wrong, I liked the episode and Patrick was written well but the beginning was a little slow and many of the jokes were hit-or-miss to me. The business gag especially got repetitive after a while, but the ending definietly made up for a lot of it. XD