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One of the final Season 1 episodes. In my opinion this episode was great! :D One of the things I liked most about it was the plot. Plankton used SpongeBob... for land development! :p It's nice to see him not just going to to the Krusty Krab to attract customers. Nowdays, I don't really like his plans, but he's still awesome. :)

Favorite Part: :plankx: - "Hey, pencil neck! Slither over here! Surrender that ice cream cone or every waking moment for you will be a swarming torrent of pain and misery!


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Great episode... super funny... rarely see it on TV these days, especially because it was mostly considered to not be a very kid friendly episode (blah blah blah)... but that's what make it so funny


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Superb episode, better its partner. SpongeBob acting much nicer near the end was very funny. Another LOL moment was SpongeBob acting like an elephant as he ripped the volleyball. Not the best one...9/10


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This was the first ever episode I saw! It's not one of my favourites of all time, but it's definitely a good episode of season 1.


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I like this episode. It shows how dumb Spongebob is.


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It was really funny it did show the stupidest of spongebob.



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It was so amazing. I'm glad for once Plankton appeared without Krabs, that is a plus. SB and Plankton prove to work together with each other, as in this and in F.U.N. Overall, a good episode.



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This episode had a great plot, and I found it really hilarious, especially when Planky was inside Spongebob.


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One of my favorite Season 1 episodes. This is pretty different for a Plankton episode. I love how his attempts at making SpongeBob more aggressive fail because SpongeBob is just too nice. This is what I love about the little yellow guy: his innocence. He doesn't have a single malicious bone in his body, bless his heart, and it makes for some hilarious interaction between him and Plankton.

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OK this is a perfect Plankton episode. Something different out of him and SpongeBob's obliviousness makes it work perfectly. 10/10 :clapping:


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This episode is kind of underrated in my opinion. It's not hated, but not one you really hear talked about. I like it personally. It's pretty unique to see a Plankton episode not dealed on him stealing the formula.


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I find this episode to be really underrated. It's one of my favorites. Spongebob is such an adorable doofus in this one. Every line that comes out of his mouth is comedy gold- and that scene where he's eating the ice cream makes me laugh my butt off for some reason.

This is a really cute episode. The one thing I don't like about it is that it gives the impression that if you're assertive, you have to compromise your kindness. That's a pretty bad message- that you can't be assertive without being a jerk about it.

Aside from that, this is in my Top 5 favorite episodes of all time. It's super cute.



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SpongeBob eating ice cream was adorable. And this quote was great. "Now let him have it! You can have it."