18a. Texas


"Texas" is dumb.

Actually, this episode is amazing and is one of the season's best. The Texas insults are hilarious and Sandy's random voice change during the song gets me. 10/10.


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Season: 1

Episode: Texas

This episode was good. The plot was nice. The song was nice. The ending was really heartwarming. There were some funny jokes. 8/10

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Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Pretty great episode that has a very sweet ending. All in all a cool episode, I love those Texas insults as well.

Truly a classic in my book. The idea of Sandy moving back to Texas can give some good reactions from the characters. When I was a kid, I thought this was the last time we were going to see Sandy, but that was proven wrong when I saw the chase scene towards the end.

Final episode rank: 9.8/10

Favorite scenes: SpongeBob and Patrick making fun of Texas, and the chase scene.
This is a funny episode, even though it was a little creepy when Sandy lassoed Patrick, pulled him back, and we see an explosion...? :wetpaint:

Also, I had thought that this would offend many Texans, but fortunately everyone took the joke. :yes: 9/10


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Now I have a,or to say about this episode so get some popcorn.
Okay so I'm sure you all know about the Texas insult jokes. Well if you live in Texas this episode was banned in Texas. So the creator told everyone that they were just jokes so spongebob and Patrick were fine. So now that I have all of that cleared up lets talk about the episode itself. This episode was funny besides the Texas insult jokes, but those were funny too. But then sandy got back at them by shredding them into pieces. So good episode 9.5/11


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In my opinion, Texas is very boring and one of the most dull episodes of Season 1. Sure, the characters are great in this one, but that one joke about Texas kind of offends me because it mocks the IQ of Texans, and I'm not that dumb per say. Yeah, the climax was annoying and could offend Texan people, but that at least led to the HEARTWARMING ending. As I said before, heartwarm affects the shows genre, and so does this one. Nothing pretty much happens in this episode, it's dry as the sand in Bikini Bottom. Oh, and the song almost made me fell asleep.

It's decent. It's nothing great or anything, but it's got a decent story, decent comedy, and the song isn't that bad, though I prefer Ripped Pants' song.

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Sandy overreacted in this one. She spent the first half crying like a spoiled child and then went complete insane when SpongeBob and Patrick were just making harmless Texas slang jokes. I think Sandy might need to read this.