18a. Texas


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One of the best classics... the Texas jokes are funny and Sandy's song is good.. one of my favorite Sandy episodes



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Such an awesome episode. Sandy manly voice is hilarious. :D

It was extremely funny to watch this episode in my visit to Texas. :werd:

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"Hey Patrick, what am I?"
"Uh, stupid"
"No, I'm Texas!"
"What's the difference?"




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Very nice episode it gave us background on Sandy Cheeks. It showed how passionate she is for her home town as well. Really liked the song (which paved the way for newer Texas songs today). Like abney said, it's a classic.



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Definitely one of the best Sandy episodes. :) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this episode is the one that reveals that Sandy is from Texas.


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I echo the sentiments of "very good Sandy episode", even though I'll always prefer "Pressure". The chase scene is a classic Spongebob moment, and I'll always love the ending.

Spongebob: "So you'll stay?"

Sandy: "I'm staying!

*crowd cheers*

Patrick: YEAH! Who needs dumb ol' Texas?!

Sandy: What'd you just say?

Patrick: Should I start running now?

Texas is one of the better Season 1 episodes of Spongebob. It was sweet and emotional too. I really like this ep.


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Probably my favorite from Season 1. It's heartwarming and has some great adult humor too, such as Patrick covering his crotch and Sponge rubbing his butt when he says "Te-xas". 8.5/10


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I like this episode. The ending really made the episode for me, though. Humorous, and great plot. 9/10. I also like the song :D



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Although it might insult Texans, this one was a classic!

:patx: - "Can we say shoes from Texas are dumb?!"
:patx: - "Gitta dog, little longies!"

I mean, who couldn't love Patrick being a sterotype towards Texans? :p This one was just great, aside from its character abuse.

8.1/10 :D



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A noobish post of mine above. @_@

My sister lives in Texas. And so does ssj. And ginger llamas.

This episode was good though, and IT WAS NOT OFFENSIVE. Take jokes people. :p


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A great episode it was especially when Sandy got mad at them and when the fish really didn't understand what like pecan pie is lol



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This episode doesn't deserve the hate it gets. I found it pretty funny, especially the ending.


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I liked this episode, but there were quite a few things about it that annoyed me. Mainly SB and Pat being stupid and Sandy's song going on for too long.


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I can't help laughing at how people call this episode offensive. People need to chill and learn to take a joke. I don't get offended whenever those hockey-playing fish with Canadian accents show up, I actually find it funny.

Anyway, I like that this episode has a slightly more melancholy story, it's a side of Sandy that we rarely see, so it was interesting. The chase scene is hilarious too and really fun to watch. The moral at the end is too obvious, but I still enjoy the episode as a whole.


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So overrated. The Good: Pretty funny, Heartwarming ending, and song

The bad: Makes fun of Texas, Sandy spongebob and Patrick are VERY unlikaeble.