189. SpongeBob, You're Fired!

But at least one of the redeem-abilities in SpongeBob, You're Fired was the vast majority of the show's background characters appearing in the background, meaning we can see so many classic character designs in HD. (Although I may be just exaggerating and i'm not sure if that was meant to be a joke) and how Mister Weiner appeared physically in the audience as a gag


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Absolutely abysmal. With its questionable morals to its anti comedy to its endless filler, this episode is just bad. None of the characters in this episode make sense. Mr. Krabs wants to get rid of SpongeBob, the source of all of his money, for a nickel that will obviously be temporary. Also, Squidward is just all over the place in this episode. Mr. Krabs did something similar in Born Again Krabs, and Squidward chastised him, but in this episode he did it and Squidward didn't care. The whole message about unemployment is confusing to me, because the episode makes no effort to tell kids that unemployment is bad, they just call it "funemployment" and show Patrick enjoying it. The sequences of SpongeBob trying to find a new job were repetitive at best, and had nothing to laugh about.

Horrible. 2/10


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This is my least favorite episode because it has countless problems. 0/10
...and then Mr. Exit came to exist...
I’m honestly sick and tired of these Enter hate comments. All he does is express his opinion. It’s not his fault that his fans are blind haters.


Enter can be very aggressive, and aggressiveness can fuel haters. Not saying it's all on Enter's doorstep, but there is some degree of blame.
That concept really had good potential, but it was executed poorly in my opinion. It's plot is okay, but it's kind of boring to me. Didn't need to be 22 minutes.
Oh boy. This episode is really bad. There is so much filler, nothing in it is funny, and the whole episode felt like nothing more than a cheap ratings trap. If you want a better "fired" episode, PLEASE go check out Mrs. Puff, You're Fired. I can't praise that episode enough.

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1. License to Milkshake (A)
2. Evil Spatula (A)
3. It Came From Goo Lagoon (A)
4. Eek, an Urchin! (A)
5. Bumper to Bumper (B)
6. Plankton's Pet (B)
7. Jailbreak! (B)
8. Patrick-Man! (B)
9. Yeti Krabs (B)
10. Extreme Spots (B)
11. Safe Deposit Krabs (B)
12. Gary's New Toy (B)
13. Don't Look Now (C)
14. Squirrel Record (C)
15. Seance Shmeance (C)
16. Squid Defense (D)
17. Kenny the Cat (D)
18. Squid Baby (E)
19. Little Yellow Book (F)
20. SpongeBob You're Fired (F)


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Nickelodeon's WORST special

It was "groundbreaking" in all the wrong ways and sent kids the message that unemployment is fun

I watched the Rugrats Passover special on NickRewind today and it knew how to be groundbreaking without being offensive

This felt like a regular episode that they *dolphin noise* slapped together as a special at the last minute!

Worst special for a Nick show & worst special of SpongeBob SquarePants
The worst episode of the series. This episode is terribly boring and Mr. Krabs is really bad here, yeah I know he's cheap, but this just makes no sense. However, even for the worst, this episode doesn't hit my notorious rating, as it has some decent jokes like Patrick attempting to figure out what SpongeBob is saying (even if it does kind of overstay it's welcome), Squidward as the patty beating up the restaurant mascots, and pretty much the entirety of Old Man Jenkins' role. But, this episode is still a pile of garbage.

Terrible Episode (0.5/10)