189. SpongeBob, You're Fired!


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I think with a lot of things when you rewatch it you tend to form different opinions, whether it's you are nicer towards it or you bring attention its' flaws out more. It's more or less the rewatch value of things. Obviously if a majority of people dislike something but you like it, you shouldn't force yourself to mold to their opinions.

For me in the beginning I was more optimistic about SpongeBob You're Fired even if some things were irritating. But when other members here pointed out more flaws later on, I realized them myself and drew my own conclusions. While this isn't my least favorite special, it does have quite the issues to it.
The first time I watched this episode I actually enjoyed it. When I heard about all of the hate I was very confused on where it was stemming from. Then I re-watched the episode a few times and it all makes sense perfectly well. I now find myself as one of those haters. My main problem with this episode is the filler. Filler, filler, filler filler, takes up 90% of this episode. I mean, every scene is dragged on too long; this episode should've been a normal length episode. Another problem I had was how rushed the plot was, even with the filler. Right away in the episode Mr. Krabs is just like, "You're fired." And why? To save a nickel! Even though Spongebob is one of his only employees and one of the best patty makers he could probably every find! And then, after Spongebob gets fired, we get a bunch of scenes with him being annoyingly sad and depressing. Hello? This is a kids cartoon it's supposed to cheer you up not put you down. Now, I actually kind of enjoyed the scenes with Patrick's talking head, along with the parts where Spongebob went into each mini-restaurant. My problem was that it was ripping off Le Big Switch as all he could make was Krabby Patties. Also, just as a side note, the whole plot of this episode is a ripoff as Spongebob's been fired like 4 times. Additionally, I enjoyed the scene where he's getting kidnapped by the fast food restaurant owners and he gets saved by the giant Krabby Patty. I liked the idea of it being Squidward, but it doesn't really make sense. After all Spongebob's put him through, over all the years, Squidward considered the smell of burning patties worse than that? Anyway, my last complaint was the rushed ending. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, Spongebob's back to working at the Krusty Krab and everything's back to normal. So, I know I had a lot of complaints about this episode, and trust me I'm not a hater I absolutely love Spongebob, this episode was just sub par compared to what the series has become in Season 9.

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I've really tried to review this episode, I've done multiple drafts of reviews but honestly it's hard to make a proper review of nothing. While Truth or Square is the worst episode of the series there's still more going on there than this. This was such a bad note to end the post-movie era on.



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Do you want the long version of what I truely think about this episode? Or the short one?

If you want a short version here you go, not as bad as people think it is, yes it has bad parts, but the rest is fine. So 7.5/10.


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I honestly don't get why so many other people find this episode offensive. TBH, it's bad, but tolerable. Much more boring than anything else, personally. It lacks quality, but there were still a few amusing jokes. Seeing Animated Atrocity cards on this episode annoys me to no end. Well, Animated Atrocity cards in general are annoying.

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Dr. WhoBob said:
I don't get why people like the fact that Squidward saved SpongeBob and wanted him to come back. He didn't do that because he cared for SpongeBob. He even said he hates SpongeBob in the episode. He did that because he hates smell of burning patties more than SpongeBob. Honestly I hate that part so much. It makes Squidward a complete selfish a-hole without any heart whatsoever. I'm surprised that people call it best part of the episode or an heartwarmimg moment. :/
For the longest time, I thought I was the only one who didn't consider it a heartwarming moment. Squidward was indeed selfish. It's very obvious that he didn't care about Spongebob at all.
In fact, I don't find Squidward any better than Mr. Krabs. He knew that The Krusty Krab needed SB, but instead of complaining to Mr. Krabs, he just went along with the idea of firing SB, for the sake of it.

A better heartwarming moment, or rather a real one, is when Patrick smashed his extra-head for insulting Spongebob.

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Dr. WhoBob said:
you confuse heartwarming with satisfaction of yours.
No, I actually do find that scene heartwarming!

:handshake:: Nobody insults my best friend!

If that's not heartwarming, I don't know what is! :sbyes:


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I guess people don't like SpongeBob, You're Fired, because how lackluster written it was and I have to agree with this. The episode is as wrong/bad as Little Yellow Book and Squid Baby (the 2 worst Season 9 episodes IMO). It was very depressing to look at SpongeBob being fired and becoming sad about it. It didn't bring any potential and it was just overpromoted. It could've slightly worked better if it was just a 11-minute episode, rather than a 22-minute special. It was just boring seeing SpongeBob going to the other places and everything we see there is just repetition. Getting fired because of the top and bottom buns he added to thr food. Mr. Krabs firing him for a nickel was just a terrible excuse to begin with and he already knew that everything will go worse without him. What a mess from that guy. SpongeBob cried out loud was also a lot of filler added to the episode. It was very boring to look at, really. That scene made me want to sleep, no offense. Also, I realized that Squidward was worse than I thought. So, he basically saved SpongeBob with that costume and claims that he hates the smell of burnt Krabby Patties more than him. There was basically no empathy from this guy in this episode. I know SpongeBob annoyed Squidward a lot since the beginning of the series, but those words from Squidward wasn't necessary. You can also see the part where he smashed the watermelon and other various types of fruits into SpongeBob's body after he got fired. The way SpongeBob acted was weird, but it wasn't annoying at all. And Patrick is the one who started the annoyingness. While he is the one who started it, he got less punishment from Squidward than SpongeBob. Only cucumber and tomatoes, wow. Seriously? That's all he gets? Then, Patrick tried to help and support SpongeBob, but it didn't really help him at all. Really? Dude, there's jellyfishing, movies, tagging and all other activities you have done before. Instead, they go to Sandy's treedome. She tried to do a food experiment, where the food turned out to be poisonuous for that guy with the cap. Patrick also ate the food, but instead of getting poisoned, he got a baby face in his forehead. That's really lame. SpongeBob didn't eat and tells Sandy that he got fired. There was a close-up face of SpongeBob, which was really gross, especially for Season 9 being HD instead of SD and how great the animation was in that season. So, he tells Sandy and Patrick that he is looking for a job and that quote became controversial to news and food companies. Wow. I don't think Patrick and Sandy were really supportive in this episode at all. So, SpongeBob is trying to find a job at 4 places. He said "I'm Ready!" Wow, people were really that excited to hear that, because he hasn't said it for years? What a mess from the fanbase. Overpraising the first three seasons already. Wow. The same goes for the "My Leg" in Squid Baby, which is already a very criticized episode. So, a S1/S2/S3 quote makes one episode a little bit better. Forget that. It's not really that funny and it came out of nowhere. It was "My eyes" mostly and it was just merely a reference to "My Leg". It doesn't make the episode any better. Look at the plot/premise/execution of the episode, not just the jokes. Chocolate memes/Sweet Victory = 10/10 (A+++), best episodes ever. Wow. That's the SpongeBob fanbase's logic. It literally makes no sense. OK, we're done. Back to the episode. I already explained the situation many lines above. It's full of filler and poorly done. However, they realized that the customers liked SpongeBob's food, so the 4 owners want him back. Two of them grabbed one of his arms, then the other two grabbed one of his legs. I felt tired afterwards. Then Squidward came in with the Krabby Patty costume and rescue SpongeBob after the disaster the Krusty Krab had with Mr. Krabs "being the fry cook". An owner without any cooking experience. Just money. He didn't even tell Squidward to do the Krabby Patties or even hire someone else? You may ask me why should he hire someone else? Yes, because hehad nobody else to cook/make the Krabby Patties. The ending was extremely predictable. SpongeBob got his job back and before that we see Squidward with a dress. Uh..okay. I'm sorry if I sound too harsh or critical on this episode, but after seeing it., I've actually changed my opinion and explained why I don't like it anymore. The only scene that interested me was the one with SpongeBob, Gary, and Patrick with his baby face forehead, when the latter two were eating snail food. Overall, I don't like this episode, but Little Yellow Book and Squid Baby are MUCH worse than this episode. This special had some other decent moments as well, but I felt really disappointed while watching this special. :(


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Oh boy, SpongeBob You're fired. This episode is BAD I mean the jokes aren't funny,Mr. Krabs is a big fat jerk to spongebob just to save a nickel. I want a montage instead of half the episode being spongebob getting fired. Was that spongebob feeding Gary even useful? It's not related at all to the episode all they could of just remove the whole scene. The fight seen was cool but it doesn't at all save it from being a scumbob I never wanna see this episode ever again 0.5/10


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Episode: SpongeBob, You're Fired (S9-E189)

I HATE THIS ::dolphin noise::IN CHEAP SPECIAL!!!. It's even worse than Little Yellow Book and Squid Baby! The first filler of SpongeBob cleaning and cooking is OK. But it gets worse, Mr. Krabs fired SpongeBob just because of the ::dolphin noise::ing nickel ($0.05 coin, not really the whole nickel (Ni) because the nickel coin is 25% Ni and 75% Cu). I can't believe this, just because this ::dolphin noise::ing cheapskate fired our most beloved fry cook, he made him cry for 1 1/2 min (which is the 2nd filler). Poor little Sponge. And ::dolphin noise:: you, New Mr. Krabs. I don't think your the good fry cook at the Krusty Krab. You're just the head chef of the S.S Diarrhea. You just care all about money. While SpongeBob is unemployed, Patrick visits SpongeBob to cheer him up. While SB is unemployed, Patrick teaches him about funemployment by doing stupid things like annoying Squidward and ruining Squidward's garden. While SB and Pat are at Sandy's dangerous, radioactive food experiment.* When Sandy gave SB some advice, he became positive again. He gets hired at 4 other restaurants, but he was fired from 4 restaurants for making Krabby Patty-like recipes. After that, SB went home again in tears. He made Gary some food, along with Patrick (and his baby head), which is non-Krabby Patty-related. When SB gets kidnapped by 4 restaurant owners, The Killer Krabby Patty came FOR ACTION!!! He saves SB, and return him safely to The Krusty Krab. After Mr. Krabs hires him back, The Killer Krabby Patty was actually Squidward, and Squidward tells SB that he hates the smell of Krabby Patties more than his enemy, SpongeBob. (I don't like that line.) Then after that, The Krusty Krab was back to normal, but the ending was still bad because SB, Squidward and Mr. Krabs laughs at Old Man Jenkins for not paying the nickel to enter the restroom. That's just rude, greedy and stupid. In conclusion, this episode is the last straw in my life, and this is not just the worst episode ever, it's the WORST SPECIAL OF THE SERIES!!!

Best Character(s): :sbx: .
Worst Character(s): :patx: (for destroying Squidward's garden) & :krabsx: (for firing SB for a ::dolphin noise::ing nickel)
The Good Scenes:
  • SpongeBob cleaning and cooking with perfection at The Krusty Krab (the first filler).
  • SpongeBob returns his classic catchphrase, "I'm ready!"
  • SpongeBob making food for Gary and Patrick instead of Krabby Patties.
  • The Killer Krabby Patty saves SpongeBob from the other 4 restaurants.
  • Squidward wearing a pink dress. (looks like Princess Bubblegum to me)
The Bad Scenes:
  • Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob for a ::dolphin noise::ing nickel. ($0.05 coin)
  • SpongeBob cries for too long after getting fired. (the second filler)
  • Patrick teaches SpongeBob about "funemployment" by acting stupid and annoying Squidward.
  • Sandy tested a harmful, dangerous experiment by feeding radioactive foods to the individuals, especially Patrick, which mutated a baby head on his forehead. Luckily, Sandy didn't let SpongeBob eat it.
  • SpongeBob gets fired again from 4 other restaurants.
  • After SpongeBob's back, Squidward still hates the smell of greasy Krabby Patty more than his annoying enemy, SpongeBob.
  • Instead of helping Old Man Jenkins to enter the restroom to take a crap, SpongeBob, Squidward and Mr. Krabs laughs at him for not paying a nickel to enter the restroom. It's not funny, it's stupid, selfish and disrespectful.
The Rip-Offs:
  • Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob. (from Karate Choppers, Squid on Strike, Bummer Vacation, Le Big Switch and Model Sponge)
  • Mr. Krabs only cares about the money. (from Born Again Krabs)
  • SpongeBob cries for too long. (from All that Glitters and A Day without Tears, the 2 most annoying cryfests of this series)
  • Mr. Krabs became a "fry-cook". (from Squilliam Returns)
  • SpongeBob gets another job at other restaurants. (from Welcome to the Chum Bucket, Le Big Switch and Model Sponge)
  • Squidward defends and save SpongeBob. (from Squid Defense)
Final Score = 4/10 :fail: :patboo:
*No foods are harmed in the making of this experiment here in this ::dolphin noise::ty episode.


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Holy grail of awfulness, grand finale of SpongeBob's dark age, my least favorite episode of all time. You know, I watched SpongeBob no matter what, no matter how bad episode could get, it was SpongeBob, I am a FAN of SpongeBob, then I must watch every new episode and must be hyped for every ::dolphin noise::ty special that Nickelodeon orders SpongeBob's working crew to M A K E, to M A K E ratings, controversies and money-money-money. But this episode, ironically, the last episode of original post-movie era - was my last straw. After this waste of an episode, I just straight up stopped watching the show all together.
Someone really hates Sportz, someone really hates One Coarse Meal or Pal for Gary, someone really hates Truth or Square - but this episode is mine arch-enemy, that I now will dissect.
First and foremost, this is the most pathetic excuse for special yet.
SpongeBob is fired from Krusty Krab, how original, I never seen this before. /s
Really, there's nothing S P E C I A L about this plot at all, and okay, maybe it's not that's interesting, but it's not an excuse for such ::dolphin noise::ty storytelling in this episode, which was all over the place. Some scenes really drawn-out, some scenes just plain filler which exists for unknown purpose other that pad out the time. Characters here just... Wrong. Patrick for some reason likes his status of being Big Pink Loser now, Sandy experiments on homeless and jobless citizens of Bikini-Bottom (Revenge for "There's someone in the Kitchen with Sandy"?), Squidward lacks ANY compassion and understanding for his neighbor's situation and Mr.Krabs just plain stupid. He fired his only employee that can actually work in this place, what a great business decision.
And I can't here put the excuses like "it's stupid comedy cartoon for kids, it can have stupid plot", stupid plot and plot that flawed from the very concept - is entirely different things, not to mention, it's special, half-hour special, it must have something that deserve extended time for an episode.
Comedy is falls flat from slow pacing and lack of originality for jokes.
Visuals are nothing to celebrate of hate, but this special also pretty bland, usually even the worst specials had some new scenery, but this episode?.. New restaurants don't count, they're not that interesting visually and they appear in episode very briefly.
Also, this episode lacks ANYTHING original. Of course, I doubt that it would save the episode, but c'mon, almost every joke, almost every scene, THAT FREAKING TITLE seems too familiar for my taste.
This episode is just rock bottom for me (pun intended), even bad episodes from previous seasons had something unique and and memorable, but this piece of trash... Is memorable by just how insultingly this episode forgettable and unoriginal, with bad plot, OOC characters, poor jokes and overall lack of ANYTHING good about this thing.
It's like writers of post-movie-era knew somehow that this garbage would be their last effort before Steven Hillenburg's comeback and they tried their best to make this episode as bad as possible.
Literally -10 out of 10.