188a. Kenny the Cat

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Here's My Short Review:
I thought this episode was pretty decent. It was kind of fun, it had a good but kind of odd plot. However Kenny was really ugly, it was kind of dull it various points in the ep, but I'll give it a:
Finally saw this one today.. It's fine. I liked the concept, it was amusing, and almost everyone was in character. ...Except Sandy, who brings it down with her racism. 7/10.


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I missed this episode when it first premiered, so I didn't get to see it for the first time until last night. I liked it.

Parts I liked:

Patrick freaking out when Spongebob became too obsessed, along with the face paint and tattoo.
Patrick's "Pocket Taco"
Spongebob: "Swoon! Swoon!"


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Not particularly funny, and that one Spongebob obsession moment was kinda creepy. Overall it was alright. Not bad, but the concept wasn't particularly interesting. I would say maybe 7/10.


SpongeBob's KTC fan club card has the same picture from when he "got" his license in Ditchin'. And the wash your fins poster from The Krusty Krab Training Video. S8/S9 have so many past ̶̶episode references that it's crazy.


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That episode wasn't that funny, but was cool seeing another land creature in SB other than Sandy.
Well, not much to say about it, maybe they did this episode because of people obsessed with cats nowdays(that days aswell) :p
And that part where SB paints his face, is really creepy o.o

Actually people wondering how Kenny knew SpongeBob's name, let's remember that he uses a name tag when he's working, there's even a episode for this :V
I just don't know why they don't animate him with his full uniform.(name tag and hat)


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Season: 9

Episode: Kenny the Cat

This episode was pretty good. The plot was kinda good. I liked the character Kenny, because he is nice. Sandy was kinda jerkish here, and the ending was kinda stupid and dull. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10


I haven't seen the whole thing (except the end), but...that ending was awful. When you almost die of asphyxiation, you don't walk it off and say "I GUESS THIS WAS A WAKE-UP CALL TO (slows down dialogue and turns to the screen to let the 3-year-olds hear you better) BE HONEST, ALL I GOT FROM THAT EXPERIENCE WAS A DUMB MORAL". Wasn't Kenny the least bit traumatized? And why would you keep looking up to a so-called "hero" after you find out he's a liar? And those last few lines about "being the cat that likes water"...That doesn't surprise/inspire anyone. Anyone can like water. No one's going to go "Oooh, he's the best thing ever just because he's a cat that likes water, oooh". It'll get a few scattered claps, but no standing ovation...

The concept is poor, too. Wasn't Mermaid Man supposed to be SpongeBob's hero, and not some deceitful land creature...?


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this one was weird and i have mixed feelings. kenny the cat was awful, but patrick getting all creeped out by spongebob's obsession was great and i enjoyed sandy a lot in this episode.

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A mixed episode, generally on the weak side. Both SpongeBob and Kenny were seriously annoying, and it was a bit of a daft ending.


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I might be in the minority here, but I really enjoyed this episode. All the characters were likable and funny, at least to me. I loved Spongebob's obsession with Kenny; it reminded me of his obsession with Kevin in season 2.