188a. Kenny the Cat

Believe it or not, this episode was a lot better than I expected. The reason why I wasn't really looking forward to this episode is that I thought the writers were going to replace MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy with a superhero cat who can hold his breath for a long time. I misunderstood that because Kenny was just a famous cat rather than a hero. So yeah, I really liked this episode, seriously I did. It had some funny parts such as taco joke, Mr. Krabs thinking Kenny is in his wallet, a few Kenny fans holding their breath and the ending. I also laughed at couple of parts with SpongeBob's Kenny obession. By the way, Sandy wasn't really a jerk like some people said (Cha explained it well). Although Sandy saying that she never trusts cars felt like a little jerky (not sure If this is a real word) to me because It feels like Sandy thinks all cats are liars. Lets just say Sandy is okay in that episode. Anyway, I did really enjoyed watching this episode and I'm rating it 8.5/10. It may not be one of the best season 9 episodes but still pretty good.


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Season 9 is really starting to improve as a season. For once SpongeBob's personality felt like his character in the pre-movie era instead of the annoying oblivious SpongeBob. I also loved the humor in this episode. Before this episode aired I thought the idea for this episode sounded weird, but still thought it could be good judging from what I've seen of the Greek version. Overall this was a great episode. 10/10


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Copied and pasted from the review I posted on another SB forum:

Nothing awful here but nothing great. I did like how Spongebob took the news that Kenny was a fake, normally he would have just cried a whole lot or something stupid but he listened to Kenny and understood where he was coming from. I did not mind Sandy accidentally outing Kenny as it was inevitably going to happen in the episode, her and Spongebob acted a bit more mature in this episode I noticed. Something like that is note worthy to me as the characters have gotten more and more childish and annoying over the years. Also Biz Markie did a good job voice acting here, it's kinda cool to hear such a different voice in this show.

for modern spongebob standards this gets a generous 7/10 as I did somewhat enjoy it and it wasn't too boring

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I liked this episode simply because I love cats. I am not sure if it is just me, but I the episode felt fast even though it was the same length of a normal episode. Other than that, it was a neat episode.

10/10. :)


I just saw the episode - and while I particularly liked Sandy in the episode, it was not the best episode I've seen? To say the least? It seemed like it dragged, then rushed, then dragged, then rushed.. And was only a few times kinda really funny.. On the other hand, I am positive that Kenny the Cat is parodying something - forgive me, but I didn't know - his voices, the drawing style... and I can't quite put my finger on it, but I'm almost certain that whatever it is he's parodying, had also the same 'rush/drag' feel to it. (Also note: I just watched it in English on Youtube... don't think it's been released here yet, but I'm not sure of that either.)
Yep, need to give this episode a second, third, fourth and fifth chance, I think. I really love Sandy in this one.

I also liked hearing SB call Sandy "Sandra", LOL!

EDIT again: This is why I don't review episodes or go on first impressions. Because, in this case, the first time I watched it, I was all like "Yeck", then - and yes, I'm looping it at the moment - I was like, "Well, maybe it does have something... Sandy seems to be even better than I thought the first time!", and I guess I do have to appreciate the scene where SB's camped out in front of the door to see him (something I've never done or understood, but have had friends who camped out so they could be the first to the "Star Wars" movies, or for the, back then, hot PS2 special early-only-400-super-awesome-you-can't-miss-this release.) And I totally agree with Patrick about SB doing that.

But, I found Kenny totally predictable.. I totally knew where they were going with his whole "holding his breath" thing, I mean, I knew he'd actually have an oxygen thing hidden somehow.

And this episode is SO a parody about drugs/addiction.


Oh, come on: Who is Kenny parodying?? The style is almost 'Heathcliff', but the voice is... that's where I just can't quite put my finger on it.


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Oh, come on: Who is Kenny parodying?? The style is almost 'Heathcliff', but the voice is... that's where I just can't quite put my finger on it.
Biz Markie does Kenny's voice.

Anyway, I skipped this episode because it looked bad in the promos, but eventually I decided to re-watch it on Youtube. And it was actually pretty funny! The plot was good, it was executed well, and it had some great jokes in it too. I love when Kenny says "WAIT SPONGEBOB" then trips over his air tank and breathes more. 8D I do think Sandy was kind of a jerk in this episode though, but otherwise, it was great.

Final score: 8/10


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It was really meh episode but the plot was sort of interesting with Sandy mistrusting cats in general and what Kenny seems like. Honestly Seasons 8 and 9 seem decent and bland at the same time. They're definitely improvements over season 6 and 7 though but their bad episodes are jaw-droppingly horrible pieces of art that it made me want to see more. I really hope the writers made an awful episode just so I can see the storm among SpongeBob community.


I have to say that, giving the episode another shot, I actually do like it. First impression was bad, with the exceptions I'd given, but giving it another chance, it's really got something and I can appreciate it more than I thought I would originally.

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season 9 feels like a mixed bag of sorts so far, we already have 2 double-length episodes and good (like Patrick-Man), decent (like this episode), bad (like Little Yellow Book) and just plain horrible (Squid Baby) episodes.


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I just watched this episode on YouTube, as well as It Came From Goo Lagoon. I thought it didn't have a lot of bad things about it; there wasn't much boring filler, gross outs (aside from the dried SpongeBob), or many out of character moments. Obsessing over a hyped up star is just something SB would do, just like in I'm Your Biggest Fanatic. Sure, Mr. K was annoyingly cheap, but that's something that's been going on for years now. I like how both Sandy and Patrick noted that SB's fan rage was getting out of hand, because Patrick isn't a total idiot that forgets how to breathe (I was worried that they would pull that joke, but it turned out to be a pocket taco).

That said, there isn't much to attract me either. It had a good lesson about being honest, sure, although it was blatant since SB pretty much went out and said, "Maybe it's better to just be honest!" I also liked the overall concept about breathing underwater, since a lot of haters complain that the show doesn't acknowledge that it takes place underwater anymore. That said, it was ironic when SB passed out Mr. Krabs revived him with a bottle full of air. When he breathes water. Yeah. Furthermore, I enjoyed the departure from IYBF in that Kenny isn't a malicious jerk with no talent; he's an attention-grubbing quiet guy with no talent, as lampshaded in the final autograph scene when he causes all those fish to collapse from not breathing. That said, I can't remember laughing too much at this one. 7/10; So Okay It's Average.


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Now for my 3-month late review: I thought this was a good episode. Kenny was a very interesting character and SpongeBob's obsession was funny, too. Of course, I too was surprised
that Kenny was just a fraud. But, I felt kind of sorrowful when he explained why.
There were some flaws, however. Sandy was kind of jerkish in this episode, just like in Squid Defense, there weren't many funny moments, and you guys are right. The very ending/very last line in this episode was stupid and lazy. But, that aside, this was a great and interesting episode to air before the 2014 Kids Choice Awards, and Biz Markie did a great job voicing Kenny. ^_^ I'm giving this episode a 8.5/10.