184b. Evil Spatula


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I hope the customers like to taste ::dolphin noise::.

Michael Bay directed some of this episode.

Squiddykins said:
There wasn't enough Squidward. lol jk. :p

You're just BEGGING for this to happen.


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Season: 9

Episode: Evil Spatula

This episode was pretty good. It's much better than the mean spirited episode "All That Glitters." I liked the plot. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10


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So today, I made my third foray into the world of season 9.

In the first few minutes, I noticed the spatula plot and was worried that it would be another All That Glitters. It wasn't too much like it, although I felt the plot still borrowed heavily. For that matter, there isn't a lot going on here that we haven't seen before...the advanced talking spatula, Plankton trying to control Spongebob, Spongebob being seriously naive especially when Plankton says things he shouldn't...The biggest problem with this episode is that it wasn't terribly original and thus could be dull to watch at points. It borrowed from quite a few episodes. However, it was MUCH better than All That Glitters (although, really, what isn't? A Pal for Gary? But I haven't seen that one...)

On the plus side again. Plankton had some good lines, as did Spongebob and Mr. Krabs. And the ending was a clever idea with Mr. Krabs bringing his own mistake on Plankton. I'm surprised it hasn't been done much yet, minus with Stanley S. SquarePants. And it had its moments. So it gets a 5/10 instead of the 3/10 I was going to give it.


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I just rewatched this episode and it was okay until the ending. I didn't care that the Chum Bucket was blown up. We've seen that multiple times. It bothered me that the artists showed Karen's "dead" body on screen. I know that Plankton just rebuilt her, but seeing my favorite character's head on the ground is upsetting and shouldn't be in a kid's show. The episode was good until the ending, so I give it a 6/10.


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This was a pretty okay episode. It wasn't really that funny to me, but it was definitely higher quality than the episodes had been at that point. A solid 5/10 if I've ever seen one.
Great episode. It's so much better than All That Glitters. And I mean so much better. It actually makes sense, actually good jokes, and I like some of Plankton's lines. This is all stuff that All That Glitters was lacking.

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