184a. Jailbreak!

I actually really liked this episode! :D I remember not long ago, I was dissing Plankton episodes, not willing to give them another chance, but this was actually really funny! The crooks were so funny, trying to eat Plankton's stuff. Just everything about the way they looked! Another good thing about this was how they referred back to the "training baton" from the beginning of the episode, and SpongeBob warning Mr. Krabs. Still no real major roles for any main characters, especially "Squidward." :squidx: That had to be my favorite part of the episode. :dizzy: Only real flaws were what DMAP said, another "Plankton steals the formula" episode, and he has to try and access the Krusty Krab through a different door. :xP:

8/10 :D


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this makes me really excited to see it. there hasn't been one poor review of the episode yet. (yes, i have not seen it, but I will post my thoughts afterwards)


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This episode was really good. Im glad they used the French narrator again and had a good episode to go along with it. *Cough Cough Im looking at you Rodeo Daze* Anyway I had low expectations for this episode but it definitely exceeded them. It Felt like the episode was longer than 11 mins but that's just me. Overall I really enjoyed this episode besides the fact that It just ended up with Plankton trying to steal the formula again. The ending was kind of predictable with us knowing he wasn't going to get the formula but I had no clue that the cops would be in the safe. Like how do they fit in there?!!! Small nitpicks there but just curious. This episode reminded me a lot of Plankton's Army, with the criminals and the ending. After I finished watching the full episode I was like "Wow SpongeBob is really getting good again." Hopefully Season 9 keeps it up.


Excellent episode right here. It is a golden episode that 5 years from now, it should be talked as one of the best for season 9. Nice jokes and especially my favorite joke were they use the chum and it becomes Squidward!!! :xD: Nice narrator that came back for a great episode and nice to watch on reruns. 10 out of 10
This episode is overrated but I like it too. It wasn't great as I expected but It's still good. There were some funny parts in this episode. This episode is not great as people says because some parts were boring and the ending is rushed. I gave this episode a 8/10


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Eh, I thought it was decent, my main problem was there was pretty much no jokes in this at all so it got a bit boring to me.
At least the plot was ok.



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Season: 9

Episode: Jailbreak!

This episode was good. The plot was original and unique. There were many funny jokes. 8.5/10

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One of the best Season 9 episodes in my book, thus far. I liked all the gags, the story was well executed, and most of all, I loved the creativity. At this rate, this episode should really recieve more attention. 9.5/10

Usual disclaimer thing: Yeah, I didn't say much, but I saw this episode a couple of days ago. Really.

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A very well executed episode, with a good share of jokes. Also, a new plot with excellent character design.