183b. Squid Defense

What's with all the Squid Defense hate? :O

I'm probably the only one who thinks this is one of the best episodes ever...

A problem is that all you guys say that there's little to no jokes at all in this episodes, I know that SpongeBob is supposed to be comedy for every episode... but, I didn't like this episode because of the jokes, I liked it so much because of the characters, the development, and tries to do something new with one of the greatest SpongeBob Characters ever.

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick said:
.One of the biggest things of this episode was it deeply reminded me of T.U.F.F. Puppy. The plot line between this episode and that show are almost identical. Dudley walks down an alley and Snaptrap to rob him; therefore, he wants to gain revenge on Snaptrap by learning karate from Kitty. Dudley then goes and screws everything up and Kitty and Keswick show up to save the day. And as an added bonus, the robber is just as lame of an antagonist as Snaptrap is.
Which episode was that?

Popeyes Haunted Barnacles

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Pretty enjoyable episode. I really liked how they tried doing something completely new with Squidward and exploring some character development. Only real problem I had with it was the ending how maybe it could have been a bit quicker with regards to the storytelling. 8.5/10


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CowBob RanchPants said:
If a huge person was coming towards me in a dark alley, I would freak out too. It's just too bad that Squidward didn't know that the guy didn't want to hurt him. :p But I wonder what was that guy came to Squidward in the first place, unless I forgot.
I agree, Squidward didn't know. Terrible things happen to people that go into dark alleyways.
If I saw a huge person coming for me in a dark alley I would surely freak.


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This episode was OK. It did have some funny moments, but I didn't like how wimpy Squidward was portrayed in this episode and I hated the ending. 6/10


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Pretty decent episode. While there wasn't much funny in this one the plot was good albeit cliched. Not much to say it was a pretty "middle of the road" episode.
Still better then most of what I have seen of seasons 5 and 6



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Season: 9

Episode: Squid Defense

This episode was kinda good. I liked the plot. There were some funny jokes. 8/10

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There's no such a squid's abuse in this episode, because actually squidward is a real villain in this episode (because he break his promise)


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I don't care for this episode, it feels very vanilla and bland, I like some parts but not nearly enough.



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So I've finally seen a season 9 episode for once (or three times) in my life. Naturally, I had to check it out.

I liked the episode for its concept. Seeing Squidward have to give in was a pretty good idea. And everyone was in character- even Spongebob wasn't annoying, and didn't walk around with that blank smile I loathe so much on his face. He and Sandy actually wanted to help. I had mixed feelings about the Karate Kid principle, though. From the start of the episode, I thought that it might make an appearance, and that it could work out well. It did work, quite nicely in fact, but if I saw it coming does that mean it was too predictable?

A problem I did have with it was that it just wasn't funny. It was a good story, but not a lot of humor. Unless you count the end- I was wondering why Squidward's overconfidence wasn't getting to him. There had to be a catch, right? Of course there was, because it's Squidward. He was only trying to protect himself- is it too much to ask that he wins once in a while? Still, I have to admit it was an interesting plot twist. (But poor Squidward...)

I did see a few missed opportunities. I would have liked to see Squidward unconsciously prove his karate abilities right off the bat (not realizing what he was doing) instead of realizing the purpose of Sandy's everyday movements right away. And...actually, that's about it. Maybe a Squilliam apperance would have been interesting at the end...

Overall score? 7/10. Good story, but more could have been done with humor and plotline. It wasn't a bad episode; I just think that more could have been done.
Didn't like it. There was practically no comedy, the premise wasn't that exciting, and the "twist ending" made no sense and was actually pretty hard to watch. But it's not all bad, so I can give it a pass for that.

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