183b. Squid Defense


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i cant wait for squid defense to premeire i heard about it last year and for some reason it was never mentioned again up until now


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I can't wait for this ep, too! Can somebody of you guys record it? Cause I'm Russian, but I know English. Sorry if I did any mistakes. ;(


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This was a good episode. Also, there's a new writer, Blake Lemons. But I didn't like it when SpongeBob said he had only been doing karate for a couple years. That messes with the little continuity the show even has. Other than that, though, I liked the episode. I thought SpongeBob wasn't annoying and I thought it was funny. I give it 9/10. Season 9 has been spot on so far! :1st:


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i know alot of people said spongebob is now terrible but i actually like it and hope it doesent actually become bad (which it wont LOL)

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Blake Lemons has an awesome name.

The episode: It wasn't particularly funny, but it wasn't bad either. Normally with new episodes there are at least a couple of parts that are weird, or ugly, or trying-to-be-funny-but-not-actually-funny, but that wasn't the case here. Everybody was pretty likable. SpongeBob wasn't grating or annoying. There were no parts that made me cringe or feel embarrassed to be watching it. I guess that's a good start. The downside is that it was a little dull and the ending was predictable.

So basically, it wasn't very funny but I sort of liked it anyway. I'll be interested to see if Lemons writes any future episodes.


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I really enjoyed the episode. We actually got to see Sandy in this episode. I liked the part where Sandy made Squidward do all the chores.


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Really funny episode. All the characters were great, especially Squidward. Great episode. I lol'd at the creepy creeper part. 9.5/10


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This episode wasn't awful. But that's about the best praise I can give it. Very disappointed.

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-The plot was actually a good one- Karate Star with Squidward replacing Patrick actually seems funny.
-Good to see Karate Sandy and not Science Sandy for once.
-The excitement of seeing a new writer was amazing for a few minutes until I figured out where I had seen his name before.
-I liked the ending, even if it was a little stupid. The cop being all happy the entire time was actually funny.
-SpongeBob Half: "I was just about to say that!" Other Half: "I know!"
-"You missed a spot."

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Not gonna do bullets for this this time around. This episode wasn't very funny. It was directed by the iffy Casey and Zeus, but outlined by the amazing Derek Iversen. But, we also had a new writer named Blake Lemons. He writes for Fish Hooks, which is not a very good show. This was not a very good episode. Coincidence? Don't think so. Only a scant few things were funny here, and while there was nothing inherently wrong with the episode, it wasn't funny. And while what DMAP said would hold some water if this was say, Season 7, the show hasn't been cringeworthy for a while now (until Squid Baby at least) and that isn't much of a plus to me anymore.

I'll give this bad episode the benefit of the doubt- I believe that this is Lemons' first episode and a giant trait of post movie is that the first episode a new writer writes is kinda bad (Derek Iversen's first ep was Nautical Novice, Sean Charmatz's first ep was The Splinter, Richard Pursel's first episode was Fungus Among Us, etc). I like to call this "New Writer Jitters" (thanks to JJumper for the name and idea :p). I just hope Lemons picks it up if he writes any more episodes. Overall, not a very good episode. Worse than Squid Baby to me because at least that episode was funny.

While it wasn't awful, it felt like a Season 7 episode. Worst episode of Season 9 so far to me. 6.9/10. :/



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I'm really confused about why Carolyn Lawrence is listed as the voice of Sandy and Cashier in this episode
Only thing I could come up with is that if the lady by the alley was a cashier and Carolyn Lawrence made the coffee slurp noise
Or possibly there was a deleted scene showing when Squidward bought the groceries


I'mma say what I said in SBC.

To be honest, this was plain and forgettable The episode felt like it went too fast and was predictable. Some parts were funny, especially the "you missed a spot". I didn't like at all how they deminished SpongeBob's karate skills, but I guess I understand if that was the joke. They could at least showed him doing more. I don't know about the "Sensei Sandy" part. Like MBS said before in his countdown on Youtube, SB and Sandy are usually evenly matched, so there's really no need that Sandy is called a sensei. The cop part was pretty hilarious, finally a cop moment where I wasn't annoyed with. And speaking of the cop, I do believe Squidward got what he deserved. SB and Sandy did warn him about using his karate for bad. The sunset at the beginning of the episode was pretty great too, it reminded me of Ear Worm. I wished they had more jokes between characters like Squidward and Sandy though as well.

I'm going to leave this episode unrated for now, because I feel like I have to watch the episode a second time.

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This episode was just plain Okay. The characters all weren't that bad, especially Squidward, but Sandy could have been better. The storyline felt extremely rushed, especially the beginning and ending. Sandy was a little out of character in my opinion, like when she took advantage of Squidward, but she was still pretty funny. Squidward wasn't even touched by the guy in the street, so I didn't understand why he was so panicky, and I didn't like how he used the karate to hurt him near the end. Like Jibbix and DMAP said, there was nothing that was really bad about the episode, but it fell flat at some parts. However, some parts were funny, like most of the scenes in Sandy's treedome. It's probably my second least favorite Season 9 episode so far, with Squid Baby being worse IMO. There's a chance that if I watch this episode again another time, I might like it better, but it didn't fully meet my expectations. I would give it a 6.4/10.

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I thought it wasn't that bad. I liked where it was going at the beginning and the middle, but then the end was a huge let down.

One of the biggest things of this episode was it deeply reminded me of T.U.F.F. Puppy. The plot line between this episode and that show are almost identical. Dudley walks down an alley and Snaptrap to rob him; therefore, he wants to gain revenge on Snaptrap by learning karate from Kitty. Dudley then goes and screws everything up and Kitty and Keswick show up to save the day. And as an added bonus, the robber is just as lame of an antagonist as Snaptrap is.

A major pro that I have to give to the episode is that it's different than what the writers have been writing. It's actually quite refreshing for once to have an episode where SpongeBob isn't crying every other minute, and SpongeBob isn't the main character of the episode! I mean, there have been other episodes where SpongeBob wasn't the main character, but this is probably the first episode with an entire plot line that he wasn't.

Rating: 8/10. My rating doesn't go for its plot, but its creativity from the other episodes of SpongeBob.