182a. Little Yellow Book


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Funny, people used to think this was good. xD I didn't mind it, though Spongebob's secrets and Squid's personality aren't too great.


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This episode a lot of people seem to have quite a but of contempt for. I found it to be mediocre honestly. For one, Squidward should be a complete ::dolphin noise:: and should not say sorry usually. You need to make him completely unlikable. The one thing I do hate is the hypocrisy of the Bikini bottomites, they were in the same boat as Squidward and for losing his house, being put on what-you-mcall them was really aggravating. Especially Patrick.
4.4 out of ten.

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CowBob RanchPants said:
Maybe because he didn't apolgize in the ending, he just read SpongeBob's other diary when he got the chance.
actually what I meant by OOC is that he really didn't seem to care about seing spongebob crying also the bikini bottomites unlike squidward started feeling bad when they saw that spongebob was crying and only one of them was aware it was a secret diary so technicly there not really that of hypocrites


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Season: 9

Episode: Little Yellow Book

This episode was very bad. I know Squidward deserved some of the abuse, but his house taken away? :') Squidward's jerkish personality is kinda back, but his character must be a jerk with a heart of gold. I only liked one or two jokes. 4/10


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Well. This is so bad, I'm not gonna review it. I can't. But, it's the worst of season 9. I hate it. It is worse than Squid baby, Spongebob you're fired, and Bumper to Bumper. Why? It's because they made Squidward unlikeable. Yeah. Even after Boating buddies, Choir Boys, Cephalopod lodge, and many others, they made him unlikeable.


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Okay, here's how I would've made the episode better. Squidward reads SpongeBob's diary, which starts off with some embarrassing stories. But more and more, they turn into what SpongeBob really thinks about his friends. Really hurtful things that you wouldn't expect SpongeBob to say about his friends, that's the joke.

Squidward: "Just this morning, he was being such a jerk"
Sandy: "Her obsession with science is kinda... weird."
Patrick: "Why does he always eat messy?"
Mr Krabs: "He's cheap."
But they are just flaws, afterall. When they find out, they turn on SpongeBob. I have no idea how to end the episode yet.


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This is flanderization at its finest. This episode is horrible. Probably bottom 20 worthy. 0/10


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I like this episode! It's one of the people's worst that I like! I don't know if it is because it shows Squidward and I love Squidward but I love it..it's funny...I really liked the chicken SB part :') I love everything in this episode, I wasn't mad that they were punishing squidward , okay to be honest, he deserved this kind of disapprovement by the people, he was harsh to SpongeBob but it was so funny episode!!! I love it! But something I can't understand is how do you find ''Are you Happy Now?'' better than this! I mean Squidward in the episode ''Are you Happy Now?'' has trends of suicide!!!! bad for kids, bad!!! This episode is good for me, I'll give it a 9/10


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I'm sorry for the people who liked this episode but I CANT STAND THIS EPISODE it's make me so angry at Squidward and I hate the townspeople the ending RUINED IT THE MOST if the ending had Squidward Apologizing and didn't read his real diary it probably could of been a Good episode But NO he reads his real diary and SpongeBob cries away and the townspeople throw tomatoes at him and he's says I DONT CARE THIS IS SO WORTH IT HAHA

Grade: 1.5/10 (my least favorite Season 9 episode and one of my least favorite episodes of the show :()

Worst Character:Squidward

Problems with episode:
Bikini Bottomites hypocrisy is unbearable to watch.
Squidward is a total ::dolphin noise::
"This is so worth it HAHAHA"..... :| is it Squidward? Is it really worth it after getting held captive by jellyfish and losing your dreams (Choir Boys).... that kills Squidward.
NO Filler :clapping:



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Ok I change my rating to a 2.5/10 I don't think is really bad as I though but it's still the worst season 9 episode for me

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"P-P-P-Plaid?!!!" *clucks like a chicken*
Criminally underrated. Just saw this episode, and it was good. Some funny jokes, like Sponge clucking like a chicken and dancing to the Bikini Bottom Municipal Anthem in his underpants. Oh, and Squiddums totally deserved to be put in ye olde stocks for reading SB's work diary.

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A poor episode but not that bad, I liked some of the beginning but it takes too long to get going, the hypocrisy is really annoying. Squidward is a bit OOC but at least it makes his punishment suitable.



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You know, it sure was refreshing to first hear what Spongebob had written in his diary, think to myself, "Wow, Spongebob really is that delusional," and then hear Squidward say, "Wow, Spongebob is really that delusional." I don't like it, but it was refreshing.