182a. Little Yellow Book

Because, as a Loud House fan, I like Lola Loud and her catchphrase, along with Lincoln, Lisa, Leni, Luan, Lynn and Luna. And stop offending my favorite show (The Loud House). Look, I don't wanna offend you, but keep your opinions to yourself. Plus, it's good to use other cartoon references outside SpongeBob as reactions. It's like MoBrosStudios, man.

Might wanna run away before everyone tries to kill you :p


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BobCarotte said:
I was being a little bit sarcastic. Sorry for offending you.

Surprisingly, most people on SBM dislike The L House including me. If you make references to this show in every SPONGEBOB review, you will annoy people here, no offense. Also, I think you should calm down a little when reviewing an episode you hate. I don't want people to think you're some hater that relies on "bad reviewer's reviews", in this case MoBrosStudios.
Wintermelon43 said:

Might wanna run away before everyone tries to kill you :p
SO, what are you saying, am I the only SBM member who loves The Loud House? Its their opinion if most of the other SBM members hate The Loud House. I do love SBSP and TLH. And by the way, I'll never annoy everyone here in SBmania. I never offend anyone here in my life.
What did I just say about how the worst is yet to come? Yep, this episode is worse than Squid Baby. It's like Fools in April, but worse. And I thought that episode was pretty bad! Squidward's a jerk, but his punishment goes too far, and the townspeople are horrendous. Plus, most of the jokes fall flat. Like this one: "I guess I'm peaked to 'peek' at that book!".

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