181b. Squid Baby

Believe it or not, I actually quite like this one. I admit that this episode has flaws. I didn't like the running gag when Squidward's heard kept getting hitted (unnecessary Squidward abuse) and Mr. Krabs was unlikeable here but to be honest, this episode was very cute and It had couple of funny parts like the return of "my leg" gag, SpongeBob trying to change Squidward's diaper in diffierent places and this exchange:

SpongeBob: "Mr. Krabs, watch his head."
Mr. Krabs: "Watch his head? Why don't you watch his diaper?".

I found the begining when SpongeBob and Patrick acting like babies very cute. Sure, I don't like when the characters' stupidity go overboard but they acting like a baby was very cute. I also liked SpongeBob and Patrick here. Even though they are the reasons why Squidward turned into a man-baby but at least they decided to take care of him, even Patrick. There was also a reference to "Rock a Bye Bivalve", If anyone noticed that (Patrick watching a TV show while SpongeBob taking care of Squidward). So overall, I like this one. It was cute and kinda funny. It has flaws but It's definetly far away from one of the worst episodes ever. 7/10


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Easily the single worst episode of the series. Not only was it gross and creepy, but it was offensive. Like... grossly offensive. Head injuries like that happen to people in real life and it's not funny. It's really sad. People with serious head injuries are so fucked up afterwards that they often can't talk, and are reduced to screaming and crying to communicate. It's horrible.


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This is in my bottom 5 episodes of the whole show. Not only is it another dumb Squidard torture episode, but they make fun of babies hitting their heads. F-


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I actually don't mind this episode like many do. I can't find anything disturbing about this episode, either. Many shows did the "character develops amnesia" plot, and nobody reprimanded about them. But, if anything, this episode lacks basic substance and doesn't have much to offer. 6/10 for me.


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okay i usually don't get offended by much, i actually liked "are you happy now?" and the suicide jokes, i didn't mind "one coarse meal" either, and many of my favorite episodes of the series are the ones with the darkest humor.......but dear god. i watched mr enter's review of this and it make me feel sick to my stomach. i haven't even seen the whole episode yet but even that little bit was hard for me to tolerate.

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Dear Neptune who ever thought this was a good idea, it completely baffles me how this was approved and put on TV, easily one of the worst episodes of the entire show. The plot is creepy and wrong, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs are all dislikable who care nothing about Squidward and all of the "jokes" are either disturbing (poop close-up) or childish and lame. At least with something such as Little Yellow Book or SpongeBob, You're Fired I could see what they were trying to do, but an adult Squidward suffering brain trauma and getting in a diaper while getting his hit repeatedly hit may be the single worst idea for any SpongeBob episode. If there's any solace in this episode is that it gives fan fiction creators creators some inspiration "Remember, Squid Baby aired on Nickelodeon, who says your's can't?" Yeah screw this episode, I give it a Ripped Toenail/10.


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6.5/10 it's a meh episode because it was really weird (the plot) , not very funny quotes and really unfair again to Squidward episode :/


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I really hated this episode, it's one of the worst in Spongebob. First of all, why would head injuries be a good idea for a Spongebob episode? That just seems like a bad idea, but the execution was even worse. This is an episode that lacked in any truly funny jokes (even the my leg joke fell flat here, even if I consider it a saving grace), how it makes fun of brain trauma just makes me cringe, and there were gross gags to top it all off. The close up of the poopy diaper is disgusting! The title card design is cute, but if that's the only thing I like about an episode of Spongebob, that episode certainly doesn't look good. I don't really have that much to say, because this is an unfunny, boring, stupid, and horrible episode that ranks in my bottom 10 Spongebob episodes. This gets a 0 out of 10.


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I honestly thought this episode was just mediocre, Squidward getting hit in the head a lot didn't really annoyed me and there are some funny parts like the My Leg joke and Squidward checking his diaper when he was back to normal but the most annoying part is Squidward crying for like 2 minutes of the episode (but the reference to Rock a Bye Bivalve was the best part of the scenes) and shots of his diaper with poop :patgross: but this episode was mediocre at best

Grade: 5/10

Best Character: Maybe SpongeBob?

Best Line: My face my face also my leg but mostly my face


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This episode is pretty terrible, but it's worth the watch just for the Bikini Bottom rain storm setting that appears halfway through. Such a moody and beautiful feature not seen on the show enough. Shame such a comfy atmosphere is wasted on such an uncomfortable episode


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Welp, this episode. Pretty much everyone decided to hate this episode because Mr. Enter, the all knowing cartoon goddess declared it as a horrible episode, calling it a "fetish episode" and a "squidward torture pr0n".

Please, people, get your own opinion. I'm so tired of seeing everyone copy paste everything Mr. Enter says as if they can't think for themselves.

As for this episode, I won't deny it's a bad episode, but it's not the worst. There were a few funny moments, but overall this was a kind of disturbing episode. Mr. Krabs wasn't very nice here either. But this episode certainly isn't as bad as people (Mr. Enter and his fanbase) make it out to be. But that's just my opinion.