180b. Gary's New Toy


LBW Zelda
I love this episode. It was very creative and well-written. It contained a lot of pre-movie quality scenes! Gary being obsessed with the red ball was funny, and SpongeBob was in character. It was just downright hilarious, and enjoyable. Though, I could do without the part where Patrick's brain fell out. But, other than that, this episode proves that SpongeBob is returning to his old quality. 9/10


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The first half seemed a bit filler'ey and most of this episode just felt like children cutesy fodder and was sort of a wannabe "Gary Takes a Bath. Overall it was pretty boring and only had a few laughs.

I really liked this one. I really liked how the writers turned the simple plot into a funny episode and also I liked how SpongeBob cared about Gary in this episode. I didn't like the laser point scene though. Overall, a great episode. 8.5/10


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Season: 9

Episode: Gary's New Toy

This episode was pretty good. I liked Gary's obsession. There were some good jokes. 7/10


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This is my favorite season 9 episode. Gary was kind of cute because his obsession. That was many funny parts, but ending was the best. 7,5/10


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I also liked that we saw some old soundtracks like someone said, I liked the scene with Gary relizing that he was wrong and thinks of SpongeBob in his language :p , not boring at all and some good quotes...Patrick's appereance was funny but he was ultimate stupid ;P 9/10
Decent episode with a few funny jokes. The plot is good, albeit similar to Treats! and I found myself really intrigued here, even if it was a bit boring at times.

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2. Extreme Spots (B)
3. Gary's New Toy (B)
4. Squirrel Record (C)