180b. Gary's New Toy

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Just saw this episode. It wasn't as great as "Treats!" (the last Gary-themed episode) but it was still decent. I heard a few songs that we hadn't heard in a long time, like "Me for You" and "Fates." (SpongeBob Production Music) I didn't really understand why SpongeBob left home though, near the end. Gary was really cute, and the part with the alarm clock was really funny. Overall, pretty good. 7.8/10
This episode worked out quite well with the SpongeBob/Gary only bonding. Surprised about the minor amount of voice actors here? But honestly, this was kind of liike "have You Seen This Snail?" although A LOT more rushed. I was satisfied with this episode, but how did the ball become evil?

However, the best part was the ending! :prop:

SpongeBob didn't move far, did he? :teef:

Grade: 7.5/10 :)


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I liked it, but not as good as Treats. Some funny moments were:

SpongeBob walking on the ceiling

Patrick eating the pet food

The alarm clock

And there's even more. I give it an 8/10


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Very nice episode. It very much felt like Treats, with a mix of Gary Takes A Bath, but with elements of Pourous Pockets and Dumped. My thoughts:

Da Good
-The episode was genuinely funny throughout. Many scenes worked very well.
-I loved how the episode was nothing but Spongebob and Gary (and that one part with Patrick). I think it really shows the strength of the characters, seeing as how the episode was pretty much Tom Kenny talking to himself. :p
-The part where Spongebob is alone under the chair was a Pre-Movie esque scene. Very smartly written.
-I lol'd when Patrick referred to Gary as "Gareth". Dunno why, that part just got to me.
-I also loved Gary's rampant obsessiveness over the ball-I like that character trait in him.
-Spongebob's Alarm gag was also pretty funny.

Da Bad
-The part at the store with Patrick's brain wasn't very funny and kinda felt Season 6-ish.

Otherwise, this was a really good episode. 8.5-9.0/10. Good.


It was a good episode. SpongeBob trying to get Gary from stop playing with his ball reminded me a little bit of Gary Takes a Bath. I liked seeing the pet store in this as well. I'm glad Gary finally came to his senses though about the ball. Poor SpongeBob's alarm clock and house though. :p


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I loved this episode, maybe even more than Treats!, which is one of my favourite post-movie eps.

- Gareth.
- "How about this one?" *water everywhere* "Yeah, I don't think so."
- Patrick chasing the dot.
- "C'mon, Gary, bring it back! You're supposed to bring it ... back ..."
- Gary in general.
- "That is not tea."
- Prolonged can opening.
- Gary.
- Nematode stealing SpongeBob's wallet.

- The first few minutes weren't particularly great.
- Patrick eating pet food got old fast.
- Patrick's brain falling out.

Overall: Meow. :gary:


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Overall I enjoyed it. I never saw treats but it didn't prevent me from liking this episode. The part where Gary pressed the garage door on Spongebob reminded me of Saw. XD I really enjoyed the episode visually as well. The part where spongebob was revealed to be under a bus stop bench comes to mind.



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My favorite part was when Patrick calls Gary, "Garreth." The way he said it just cracked me up. However, I hated the gross-out gag with Patrick's brain coming out. I think it went wayyy too far. Also, (I know a lot of you guys would disagree with this, but...) I don't particularly like episodes where it's only SpongeBob's voice the whole time. I need more interactions than just with Gary to keep my interest. I did like the episode overall, though.


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I liked this episode. Spongebob was acting like his normal self for once, not the annoying behavior that's typically shown nowadays. The alarm clock gag was pretty funny and honestly I liked a lot better than "Treats".