179a. Extreme Spots

I just like the extreme part of it, and the drasticals were hilarious, although I couldn't stand that weird brownish fish that I couldn't understand him.
Pretty good episode. I enjoyed this one for its decent plot, good jokes, and the Drasticals were pretty cool one-off characters.

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1. Extreme Spots (B)


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The start of a new era. And it's beginning episode is pretty decent. Except the jokes. The jokes are lame. It's plot is good and the one-off characters are some I'd like to see return in newer episode.

1. Help Wanted (10/10)
2. The Algae's Always Greener (10/10)
3. Friend Or Foe (9/10)
4. Your Shoes Untied (8/10)
5. Fear of a Krabby Patty (8/10)
6. Extreme Spots (8/10)
7.Patrick's Coupon (7.9/10)
8.Girls Night Out (6/10)
9. House Fancy (6/10)
10. Pet Sitter Pat (2/10)