179a. Extreme Spots


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I didn't mind this episode. I liked how the extreme spots/sports controversy tied back together at the end. I didn't care for Patrick licking his brain like an ice-cream cone...gross.
It was really just an average episode, with nothing special whatsoever. I liked the Drasticals a little (I thought they were unique), but once they and the "Extreme Spots" guy got into the the picture, it was just a vicious cycle afterwards. Let's explain, shall we? :naughty:

  • SpongeBob & Patrick show off one of their talents
  • Drasticals DISAPPROVE :thumbdown:
  • Mr. Krill says, "Drasticals, show 'em how it's done!"...

...until they receive their "extreme spots" from jellyfishing. I'll give it a 5/10, because nothing made me cringe or go "Ughhhh" to. But it was still boring. =/


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I thought it was enjoyable. Not the greatest episode from the Luke Brookshier/Marc Ceccarelli team, but certainly not the worst. There were funny jokes, a nice return to Sand Mountain, and a great plot.

7.5|10 Overall


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This episode was TERRIFIC!!! :coolio:
Johnny Knoxville did an excellent job voicing Johnny Krill, and the HD resolution was brilliant, as well as the widescreen 16:9 presentation!!

10/10 A+ :w00t:


I'm surprised that people didn't like this episode much. I actually thought it was a great start to one of the best seasons yet =O I thought it had its funny and extreme moments the whole time! Great episode!


"Extweme Spawwwwts" was a decent episode. It had a pretty good plot, but this episode didn't have the most well executed jokes.


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This was a decent episode. It did have some good humor like Patrick misunderstanding "Extreme Sports" as extreme spots and SpongeBob and Patrick doing jump rope. Not a great episode, but it was a good way to start Season 9. 7/10


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Season: 9

Episode: Extreme Spots

This episode was decent. I didn't have many jokes, but i liked the action scenes. 6/10


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This was an okay episode. The Drasticals were very interesting characters, and I thought SpongeBob and Patrick's "extreme sports" were funny. And, that British guy saying "Extweme spawts" was kind of funny, too. But, the episode's execution wasn't perfect enough. Some moments were boring, and the stunts that the Drasticals performed were too strange and corny. But, this was a good episode, and an alright beginning to season 9. 7/10