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I just saw it and I have to say it was really good and much better than the "Home Sweet Pineapple" rip-off I expected. The plot, while not original, tried to have some original charms to it. I definitely laughed this time, especially during the scene when Patrick tries to pay attention to SB, the short (thankfully so) scene at the Krusty Krab, and some of the scenes involving the new house. It's nice that that even though Squidward was involved, he suffered minimal abuse. Finally, while the ending was a little random, it was funny, and it served as a good solution to SB's problem.
In short, a really good episode!
Final score: 9/10.

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This wasn't a bad episode but it wasn't amazing either. A few parts of it were a little too weird for my taste, like the scene with Patrick's daydream of him in an office, it didn't really add anything at all to the episode. I agree with SBManiac in that it wasn't the Home Sweet Pineapple ripoff I had expected, this episode and that one had an extremely different premise and storyline. I'd rate it a 6.5/10.


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I think Spongebob said it best in the episode when he said:

"It's no home sweet pineapple, but I guess it could be worse."

Dirty Dan! You're alive!

And wow, I never realized the double meaning of that line until now. That's hilarious. Anyway, I really liked the episode, but I don't really know why. THe jokes weren't everywhere like in Restraining Spongebob or Glove World R.I.P, but I liked the episode's feel. There were some really good montages, too. The best part would have to be the Patrick in his office scene. It was hilarious and absolutely came out of nowhere. I liked the slow-mo mustard bit too.




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I think Spongebob said it best in the episode when he said:

"It's no home sweet pineapple, but I guess it could be worse."

:O I didn't think of it like that!

I really liked this episode. I remember the writers saying that they should write an episode explaining how SB's house stays fresh. A nice, funny episode and I always love seeing the main characters together. Home Sweet Pineapple and this episode can be a series together almost. When SpongeBob gets mustard in his eyes, it cracks me up everytime.



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I was a bit too harsh on the episode in a previous post of mine, but I still don't really like it. I've been watching SpongeBob for most of my life, and seeing his house fall apart so graphically is almost heart-breaking. And his friends are kind of acting like idiots. They're making a house that they'd want, instead of one that he'd want. I guess Patrick and maybe Mr. Krabs would do that, but Sandy's too smart too. Although, aside from these flaws, it was okay. Still my least favorite episode from Season 8 so far, though I may need to watch more of them.


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I hate to bump a thread over six weeks later, honestly I do, but I just saw this one for the first time this morning. And, well, I sat watching it mouth-agog. It was like a sudden transformation wherein the writers actually cooked up something...decent and likeable. There was actually a fair amount of witty banter throughout the episode, and for some reason I particularly liked the phone conversation between Patrick and Sandy, probably because it's the first time in seven years that Patrick hasn't acted like a total idiot and also that first time in that span that he was able to carry on a conversation with her without being insulted, as Sandy so regularly does, for his lack of brains. I also enjoyed the part where SB is left alone in his rehashed home for the first time and goes into the bathroom, somehow winds up with his head in the toilet looking for the sink, and says, "Thank you, Sandy" or something to that effect. And he says it with true sarcasm, an element of humor that is so often now absent from the current episodes, especially from SB and Patrick's characters where they're usually too naive to recognize it, let alone employ it. And the ending -- "Pineapple in a Can, Fully Furnished" -- hilarious!

It was as if someone walking along the sidewalk found the writers' brains and gave them back to them just before they started writing this one. Well done -- and for a post-movie episode, especially when I'm reviewing it, those two words are very difficult to come by


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You're not alone.


EDIT: I think this episode is "under-disturbing"rated. Imagine having your house COLLAPSE on you and being stretched around said house. luv it. :p

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I liked this episode a lot. It was nice to have all of the characters involved and working together (kind of). The ending was great, too, because I didn't see it coming when I first watched it (obviously I now know what happens so it isn't a surprise anymore but it's still funny).


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Another shine for season 8. I don't understand why some people hate this episode, just because it "ripped off" "Home Sweet Pineapple". If you look at it, you'll realize it's just the writers' efforts into making SpongeBob likable, again. This time, Mr. Krabs and Sandy were involved, and that just increased my liking for this episode. The funniest part was when SpongeBob had mustard in his eyes. I also thought the ending was good, too. Many think it's weird, but I think it's good. This shows just how great SpongeBob is getting. 8/10



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This was a pretty good episode. I like the plot and jokes, and I think it's actually better than Home Sweet Pineapple.