167a. The Krabby Patty that Ate Bikini Bottom


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First Aired: Friday, November 25, 2011 at 8:30PM
Mr Krabs uses Sandy’s experimental growth formula on a Krabby Patty with disastrous results.

7/10. It was good until the ending. There were some funny comments, too. "Come to think of it, I've never absorbed Krabby Patty before..."


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Ugh.... Honestly, there was NOTHING in this episode that can't be found in another episode. (Except Mr. Krabs at Sandy's tree dome.) Everything else, was completely unoriginal and has been done a thousand times. This is one of those episodes that could have been 2 minutes long, and still gotten the same point across. And what's with Spongebob absorbing the krabby patty? What an awful way to end the episode.


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This episode was way too similar to "Whelk Attack"! A giant thing attacking Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob saving the day by absorbing something gross-I agree with Dirtydan, Mostly everything was already done before. It is probably my fourth least favorite season 8 episode, after HSFS, Barnacle Face, and Ghoul Fools.

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I'm sure fans of the show will notice the vast similarities episodes share, thus causing them to get bored of the series. Thus, they really need to get some fresh new writers.


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I'm sure fans of the show will notice the vast similarities episodes share, thus causing them to get bored of the series. Thus, they really need to get some fresh new writers.
Yes, I do agree Mike. =]


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This is a very strange episode... a couple funny parts. Wouldn't call it a favorite from season 8 but it wasn't terrible. These type of episodes make me miss the Texas side of Sandy though.


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A bad season 8 episode that is often forgotten. However a bit funny and shows Krabs in close to his best character. 8.3/10


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This was a very well-thought out episode! It was interesting to see Mr. Krabs entering Sandy's treedome for the second time (since Overbooked). I also liked the concept of the plot, too. An episode about a growing Krabby Patty has to be one of the best episode ideas since the older episodes! It was also very funny. But, there were a few flaws: the episode was lacking a little and SpongeBob absorbing the Krabby Patty was kind of gross, but I can let that slide. This episode gets an 8.5/10



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Well, I must say, this episode was kind of cheesy if you ask me. It wasn't even a very good episode to begin with. The plot was a tad dumb, Mr. Krabs was being selfish etc. But still, seeing that destructive patty and SpongeBob trying to destroy it was pretty awesome. Sandy also had a good role here, which is great. Overall, descent season 8 episode.


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It was an alright idea but it was sorely lacking in jokes and while the ones that were there were okay, I felt like the timing was off on them and the whole thing was just way too slow.



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Pretty Good Episode But It Could Be Better.I Think This Episode a Homage To The Movie ''The Blob'' (Like Planet Of The Jellyfish Is a Homage To ''Invasion Of The Body Snatchers'').This Episode Not Amazing As POJF But Still Great.Only Flaw Is The Ending It Was Horrıble.

9/10 (If They Had a Better Ending Probably I Give It 10/10)


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Season: 8

Episode: The Krabby Patty that Ate Bikini Bottom

This episode was good. The plot was pretty good. I liked the nice interaction between Mr Krabs and Sandy (it's pretty rare). There were some funny jokes. 8/10

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Pretty good Season 8 pick. Nice story, jokes, gags, and more unique stuff made it worth watching. I have to confess, but I actually like the ending. 9/10