163a. Mermaidman Begins


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Forget timelines, I'll just rate it:

It was a pretty good episode, and I loved the ridiculous "origin". If you noticed, there's an inside joke: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's names are "Ernie and Tim", referring to guest voices Ernest Borgnine and Tim Conway.


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^ I was watching this with my dad, and he caught that lol

I thought this episode was great. It reminded me of the pre-movie MM & BB episodes, which is a good thing. Their "true origin" was really creative and funny. The origin according to the TV was funny, too, in how phoney and unreal they made it.

I'd give it a 7.


I thought this was a pretty cool episode! I kind of liked Mermaid Man's version better. The other version (real or not) was pretty funny for how exaggerated it is. The ending was me. And the episode did feel a little rushed. Also, did you guys notice this was the first time we saw animated humans on SB? :p Overall, I give it a B+


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I think season 8 is the best season since season 3. This should have been the start of season 4.
I rate it A-.

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Normally I would write long, complicated paragraphs when I give my thoughts on an episode but I'm finding that difficult to do lately, so I'll give my thoughts as a list instead.

- The Mermaid Man thermometer instantly made me think of the infamous Spongebob thermometer, and I think it's probably an allusion to it. Same with the ukulele. And all the other stuff. I think the writers were acknowledging, and poking fun at, all the merch that Spongebob's face has been on over the years.
- I always love it when MM says "evillll!". The bit where he "screams in pain" later on is hilarious, too.
- "I've got better things to do than watch grown men prance around in ridiculous outfits!"
- Nice animation on the houses being twisted/blown away.
- It was very surreal seeing the human world in a Spongebob cartoon. A tiny part of me thinks the mystery of why MM + BB don't make any sense from a biological standpoint should have been left, well, a mystery ... but I think it was worth it because I liked this episode a lot.
- "Hello? So, what are you wearing?"
- I love how their original names were Tim and Ernie. Although, didn't MM once refer to BB as Kyle in an earlier episode? Oh well. I'm sure only die-hard fans like us will have picked up on that inconsistancy.
- I laughed out loud when the "real" origins story was being explained. It's a combination of every superhero origin clich� going. You've got a scientist, a radioactive ant bite, a vats of acid factory, an alien spaceship, a solar eclipse on a leap year, a bomb testing site, explosions, radium gases, magical storm clouds, lightning, radioactive ooze, an electromagnetic earthquake, a magical crystal with wings, super gamma energy currents ... and we come full circle back to the apartment and in the end, it's overcooked popcorn that causes their super powers. I loved the way BB was referred to as a "sailor looking guy".

My favourite episode in a long time. I got many genuine laughs from this one.


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I gotta say I think this is my favorite Mermaidman episode (besides "Mermaidman and Barnacleboy 5") to date. Mermaidman's version of their origin was good but the real one from the tv was hysterical. I loved how rediculous it was! The burnt popcorn causing their transformation after all the other stuff they went through was hilarious. I really laughed a lot during this one. I give it a 9.5/10.


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The crazy explanation on the show was pretty funny... it was cool to hear about how it all started
The Tim and Ernie reference was awesome... cool how that was there actual names


I loved this episode!!! I thought it was very well done and the story of their origin was very funny. Overall, pretty great.
Ugh, I hate my earlier attempts at reviews. Anyway, I still love this one. Good origin and the TV origin is one of the funniest post movie moments of all time. And you gotta love the Batman Begins reference. 8.8/10 (Weird i know, but deal with it)


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Season: 8

Episode: Mermaidman Begins

This episode was good. The plot was creative. Their true "orgin" was kinda corny, but still funny in some way. There were some funny jokes. 8/10


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MasiHosseini said:
Season: 8

Episode: Mermaidman Begins

This episode was good. The plot was creative. Their true "orgin" was kinda corny, but still funny in some way. There were some funny jokes. 8/10
Was that a pun?