[15th] SB Password Plus


Squidward Tortellini
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Apr 7, 2004
Planet Vegeta

Basic Rules:
* Two teams, each consisting of two players, compete. (randomly chosen players who want in)
* The word that will be guessed (the "password") will be given to one player on each team.
* The player who is given the "password", on each team, will give a one-word clue to his/her team partner to attempt and guess what the word is. Up to five clues given for each word.
* Play passes to the other team when the partner fails to guess the "password" within the five-second time limit, OR an illegal clue is given (two words, hyphenated clue, or part of the word is used as a clue)

New Rules:
* Single player mode.
* The word that will be guessed (the "password") will be given to everyone who is playing.
* The host will give a one-word clue to everyone to attempt and guess what the password is. Up to five clues given.
* The player who guesses correctly the fastest will get a chance at guessing the puzzle. If they guess the puzzle incorrectly, play moves onto the next password.

Password Puzzle:
* After each "password" has been revealed, it will go up on the board and be one of five clues to a puzzle, referring to a place, person, thing, or event. Every puzzle is SpongeBob related. Password might not be SpongeBob related but they are ALWAYS 1 word, while the puzzles can be more than 1 word.

For Example:
Password #1: Gary
Password #2: Tomato
Password #3: Poetry
Password #4: Mopping
Password #5: Event
PUZZLE: Talent Show (see how the 5 passwords tie-in to the actual puzzle answer?)

Point System:
First puzzle - $100
Second puzzle - $150
Third puzzle - $250

After 3 rounds, the person with the most money wins. If a tie occurs, a tie-breaker will determine winner.

1st place - 500 doubloons
2nd place - 350 doubloons
3rd place - 250 doubloons

If you still are confused, look at this video to see how the game is played...

Play will occur on SBM Discord (game-room). Game starts Saturday, May 19th @ 11am CENTRAL.