15b. Suds


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This is a pretty funny episode for Patrick.. I like when they give him the Suds treatment and use him to clean the toilet haha
Patrick acting as a doctor is my favorite part of this episode.. always funny


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It was a ok episode.
This is probably the dumbest episode ever... that I watched over my past years of SpongeBob experience. My rewatchability is extremely low.
Yes, the ending was the only funny thing :) that I watched.


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Excellent episode, improvement over its partner episode Sleepy Time. Patrick here was funny as a doctor (WAY better than he did in a later episode). 10/10


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"Yes, Doctor Patrick. We have a SPECIAL treatment for YOUU" - Never fails to make me laugh

This episode, like many other season 1 episodes, had a great plot and great humor. I give this an 8/10
You know, I love it when patrick and Sandy interact. Unfortunately that is rare, All the character interactions were hilarious and supurb. Now, I don't incorporate pet peeves into episode reviews, but I must mention, COLD DOES NOT MAKE YOU SICK. Gah. Overall, a good, funny episode. 8.1/10


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I like this one, but it's not one of my favorites. SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick make a pretty good trio, they're usually funny and entertaining when together, though I still prefer when it's just SpongeBob and Sandy.


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Suds has always been one of my top favorites :)

We have this on video somewhere -- have for years -- so when i was youger we'd just replay the episodes (mainly this one) over and over.

Show me any screenshot from the ep and i'll know what scene it is.
I'm so close to memorizing most of its lines. I could probably re-tell the whole episode scene-by-scene (without all quotes) by heart. :p

This episode has a soft spot in my heart. 10/10 for me XP

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I thought this was a great episode. My question, however, is, "How come Gary did not get the suds and SpongeBob did?" Then agian, Gary is a snail and not a sponge.

While I do like this episode, it did have SpongeBob abuse. Think about it. The poor sponge was sick and exhausted and Patrick made his condition worse. Patrick and Sandy were also fighting over him. :(

I was so glad that SpongeBob got better and got a loli pop. That is what he should have gotten after what he went through. :)

Rating: 8.5/10


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The ending of the episode is pretty satisfying.

I like watching this episode when I'm sick or not feeling well. It makes me feel better. :3

Man, I felt so bad for Spongie in this one. I wonder what would have happened if Sandy hadn't taken him to the hospital? Glad the little guy's okay!


Another classic season 1 episode. Patrick was great as usual, and you do feel worried for Spongebob in it. 10/10.


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Season: 1

Episode: Suds

This episode was pretty good. The plot was nice. I liked the live action stuff at the end. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10