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150a. Krusty Dogs


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OK, so I just saw this episode for the first time, (what else is new) and I must say I was pleasantly surprised... Not only was it a good, original story, but I actually laughed a few times... Like when Spongebob yelled: "Hey I'm talking grandma!" and the old lady was like: "...Oh..."

Or when Spongebob said: "OK, that didn't work at all..."

Spongebob wasn't too annoying, but he was also very passionate about his job, (something that gets lost in some of the newer episode...)

So, I gotta go with... 7.5/10!


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:spongebob: Are you enjoying your Krusty Dog?
Customer: Why, yes, I am!
:spongebob: *whispering* Eat it and you'll develop an unsightly skin disease.

Yay, a post-movie episode Patrick11 actually likes! :p

I like it too. I found the ways SpongeBob tried to stop people from eating the dogs and going back to Krabby Patties very funny.


Thanks to a recent political scandal, I broke out laughing every time they mentioned the word "wiener". It is not something I am proud of. >_>


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Thanks to a recent political scandal, I broke out laughing every time they mentioned the word "wiener". It is not something I am proud of. >_>
Lol, yeah, I laughed too! 'Wiener' is a funny word.

It's an okay episode, nice to see The Krusty Krab selling something different this time than just Krabby Patties, though the Krusty Dogs have the same taste as Krabby Patties.. :p

:squidward: Help, help, I'm in terrible pain! I think it was the...! Line?
:spongebob: *whisper* Wiener...!
:squidward: The wiener!

(The quote was something like that, couldn't remember it. Loved that part! :lol: )


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Apparently, there's a rumor that this episode was blocked in some countries due to the amount of instances the word "wiener" was used.

Fish 1: I'm not really concerned about possible ill health effects.
Fish 2: How about you guys?
Everyone else: Nah.
Fish 2: What about nostalgia?
Fish 1: Never heard of him.
It was a decent episode but It's not one of the best season 7 episodes actually because some parts of this episode was actually boring, I just didn't like that everyone kept saying "wiener" word (The writers forgot sometimes that kids watch this show too. It would be okay, If they used "Hot dog" or "Krusty Dogs" word instead of "wiener" word.) and there was a little Squid abuse too. I didn't enjoy this episode much as others but It's still a good episode in my opinion. There were some funny parts in this episode like SpongeBob turning Krabby Patty meat into a top hat, Gary and a telephone, SpongeBob saying "Are you enjoying your Krusty Dog?", then the costumer saying "Why, yes, I am!" and then SpongeBob saying "Eat it and you'll develop an unsightly skin disease.", the kid kicking Squidward, SpongeBob yelling at the grandma, SpongeBob blowing up a Krusty Dog and the ending. 7.5/10


Despite how ridiculous the wiener jokes could get, you just have to laugh at some of it. It was still dull though and besides the weenies, nothing really told out. Some of the characters had funny lines, I especially liked the food costume gag with Squidward. It would have been even cooler if Weenie Hunt Jrs. came in the episode though and were all upset that the KK sold weenies too. They could have had a weenie war between restaurants. And in the ending, Plankton somehow could get the formula for the hot dogs, causing the KK's days of weenies to finally end. Now that would have made this episode madly epic. Even if it's' a lot, it would have totally spice up this blandish season.


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It is an OK episode. Why is it an OK episode? Because the episode is pretty boring. Sure, it has some good jokes, but the episode is just really boring...Other than that, it's decent. But, I have to admit, the title card is really impressive!!


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I'm surprised this one gets hate as it was pretty good imo. It had some good laughs, especially Squidwards lines in fact Squidward was great in this one. Overall there was some great dialogue in this one. And usually in kids shows when the characters refer to hot dogs as wieners people always thing they're referring to "you know" and normally I think it's just people having a dirty mind. But here... man it really felt like they were purposely using it as an innuendo.

"Here'es your foot long sir"
"Thanks, 12 inches of deliciousness"

"Something would make Mr.Krabs whole wiener thing blow right up in his face"