149b. Tunnel of Glove

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Review: Awesome, sentational, and classic episode of SpongeBob! One of the best Valentine's Day episodes of SpongeBob since "Gary in Love" and "Valentine's Day". But, Pearl and SpongeBob's secret relationship still remains a secret... <3

Rating: 9.5/10


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This is one of my most favorite episodes of SpongeBob yet! Patrick was at his best and every one was in character! I love this episode so much that I'm giving it a 10/10!
Without a doubt, this is my favorite season 7 episode. I thought this episode was very funny and very entertaining. It was classic. Patrick was very stupid in a funny way and SpongeBob and Pearl were great in this episode too. Many parts made me laugh like Pearl's friends taking a picture of SpongeBob and Pearl, Pearl saying "He is not my boyfriend" and then Patrick saying "That was fast Don't worry buddy, there's plenty of fish in the street car.", Patrick pulling the control because he thought It was SpongeBob. SpongeBob scaring Pearl, Patrick sitting on the lever, Patrick accidently pushing Anamontrotic Override button, Pearl taking a picture of SpongeBob and her friends while they were hugging SpongeBob and the ending. I definetly recommend this episode to everyone, even the post-movie haters. It's not just the best episode of season 7. It's also the best Pearl episode and It's the best Valentine's Day episode in my opinion. I gave this episode a 10/10.
SuprisedPatrick said:
try watching it a night. that was the first time i watched it
Okay, I will but It won't creep me out, compared to Squid's Visit, I Was a Teenage Gary and most of Doctor Who episodes, It's not that creepy.


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SB_DW_Fan said:
Okay, I will but It won't creep me out, compared to Squid's Visit, I Was a Teenage Gary and most of Doctor Who episodes, It's not that creepy.
I was a teenage Gary wasn't that scary to me. it was a parody of i was a teenage werewolf, and they handled it well


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Ugh, I found this episode to just be really stupid. I mean why couldn't they just keep walking out of the tunnel and why did the police need to be there? It defies all logical reason. Also I forgot how annoying Pearl can be, she was fine in the first 3 seasons although maybe that's because she didn't get very much screen time minus "The Chaperone". Patrick was pretty stupid here to as well as the electrician for not noticing what he was doing.



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One of the better episodes of the season and definitely the most surprising. I thought this would just be a really stupid and boring episode... Well not really.

Yeah, there's annoying Spongebob and Pricky Patrick but I don't even mind it. Spongebob isn't TOO annoying and Patrick is actually funny in this episode. 7.5/10


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Season: 7

Episode: Tunnel of Glove

This episode was pretty good. The plot was nice. There were some funny jokes. 7.5/10


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This episode is quite nice!! My favourite part of it was when the police officer confused Pearl as a boy and SB as a girl..As everybody said, everyone was in character, there were some funny lines and quotes as well ('Is it your boyfriend?' , yes i am a boy and I am her friend, oh Spongy you'll never learn) , quite nice actually ...9/10

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Very hit or miss jokes but the plot was interesting enough and there were enough funny jokes to satisfy.



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I love this episode, yes Patrick is being an ignorent and other stuff but he´s not that annoying. 9/10


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Episode: Tunnel of Glove (S7-E149-B)

I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! Made with perfection. I don't like Patrick's stupidity anyway, but I don't care.

Final Score = 10/10 :whoo:
On the upper half of Season 7 for sure. Patrick was really funny here, the whole tunnel of love thing was great, and I just thought it was overall funny and action-packed. Great episode.

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