148a. The Masterpiece

Mr. Sea Shell

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Review: The beginning was funny when Mr. Krabs found out that a statue from another restaurant was stealing his business. LOL. I also liked it when Squidward was makingthe statue. But, some scenes were boring and could've been better.

Rating: 7/10

Ugly Barnacle

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It's an okay episode. I chuckled a few times. The statue of Krabs was really unlike Squidward, though. 6/10

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This episode was a masterpiece but not one of the best season 7 episode because some parts were boring. This episode was funny and well-writen. All characters were great in this episode. Squidward was at his best in this episode and many parts made me laugh like Squidward watcing a soap opera, SpongeBob's spy stuffs, "Headbands = No Service", SpongeBob posing instead of Mr. Krabs, Squidward doing the statue poorly and the ending. It's another funny season 7 episode that It worth watching again and I recommend it. 9/10


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A pretty good episode, it had a nice plot and some humor my only problem was the plot was a bit aimless, nothing really happened by the time the statue was finished it felt like the episode was only half way done.

Overall pretty good 7/10

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This one was fairly funny. Only thing though was that it felt too short and I would have loved to see what else they could have done had the ep been a bit longer. I'm also gonna go with a 7/10 here.


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I ALMOST liked this episode. Just ALMOST.

I wish this episode had more to offer. I really like the plot and there's some good jokes in here but not much. There needs more. 6/10



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The most I can say, is that this episode was beyond boring. What does it really have to offer?


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Season: 7

Episode: The Masterpiece

This episode was very decent. The plot was decent too. There were some funny jokes. 6.5/10

Pinhead Larry

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This episode was so slow, and only funny in parts. I think the fact this topic only has 11 replies says it all really.



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It's kind of meh, boring and as Pinhead Larry said it's so slow...it felt like a 22min length episode...funny at times plus the ending , but never a fan of this episode..5/10 and totally agree with what Pinhead Larry wrote TOTALLY

Pinhead Larry said:
This episode was so slow, and only funny in parts. I think the fact this topic only has 11 replies says it all really.


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Guilty pleasure episode. It was dull and fell short but I really liked the jokes for some reason and the pacing didn't bother me much.




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This episode...exists. It's not bad, but I can barely remember anything about this.



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Eh, this episode was pretty decent, but I felt that it was just lacking. Not to say that it was horrible or anything, but I this episode was forgettable and bland. The whole episode was kinda boring and slow, which is something that definitely brings down my ratings. There were a few funny jokes like the mashing maw of consumerism (which is actually true in many ways), SpongeBob's spy stuff, and Squidward doing the statue poorly, but it wasn't hilarious. At least all of the characters were likeable here, so I can enjoy this episode a little bit more. In conclusion, this is not a masterpiece by any means, but it was attempting to do something original. I give it a 7/10.


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A very forgettable episode. It's not bad, but there could have been more jokes, and the plot is just... off. But overall, another very harmless episode, and I don't find it bad. Just okay.

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